Fortnite v9.40.1 Causing Issues On iOS? Here’s A Fix From Epic

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Epic Games recently updated the Fortnite iOS app to v9.40.1. However, soon after the update, players started facing issues with the app. Now it seems the company has fixed the Fortnite v9.40.1 issue and has asked players to reinstall the app.

Soon after the v9.40.1 update, iPhone and iPad players started complaining about issues with the app. They were unable to load into battle royale after installing Fortnite v9.40.1. Some said they were getting a “file corruption” error, while others were experiencing crashes.

After players started complaining about the Fortnite v9.40.1 issue, Epic was quick to acknowledge it. In a tweet, Epic asked players to avoid updating to the new version until a fix arrived.

“We’re aware of an issue with updating to the v9.40.1 patch on iOS. Please hold off on updating until this issue is resolved,” Epic tweeted today.

Just hours after the first tweet, Epic tweeted again to inform iOS users that the Fortnite v9.40.1 issue has been addressed. To continue playing the game, Epic has asked iOS users to first uninstall the buggy version and then reinstall it.

According to tech site PiunikaWeb, the version of Fortnite that is currently available for download in the App Store is v9.40.2. This suggests Epic has released a new version which basically contains the fix to the Fortnite v9.40.1 issue. This is why users have been asked to reinstall the game.

Although it is good to see that Epic quickly resolved the issue, many players are upset with the fix because they now have to install large amounts of data again. Although the app is just 145MB in size, players will have to install data-heavy content.

The fix is the same even if you haven’t installed v9.40.1. You can’t play the game with an older version of the app. Once you sign in with the old version, you will automatically be redirected to the App Store. Thus, iOS players have no choice but to re-install the game.

Version 9.40 brings a lot of changes and improvements. Some of the major ones are the reintroduction of the bolt-action sniper rifle and more powerful variants of the tactical shotgun. The update also adds support for Bluetooth microphones on the iPhone and iPad.

With v9.40, players get legendary variants of the tactical shotgun with a maximum damage of 83/87. These guns are a better match with the combat and pump shotguns. Further, the new variants fire 1.5 shots per second and can hold up to eight shells. These guns have a headshot multiplier of 2.25, and one can easily get them via supply drops, vending machines, loot carriers, chests and on the floor.

Additionally, the bolt-action sniper rifle, which first made an appearance during the Fortnite event, has now returned. The sniper rifle is available in epic and legendary variants, and it replaces the suppressed sniper rifle.

in addition to these two additions, v9.4 brings several gameplay improvements. For instance, when picking a new item that overflows a stack, the already-equipped item won’t drop now. Instead, the item that created the overflow will be dropped. It will also now be easier for players to pick up items when standing on top of them. Another improvement is that bushes will no longer block players from being healed by a Chug Splash. There are many more gameplay improvements, which you can learn about in detail via this link.

Playing Fortnite on the iOS 13 beta continues to be a nightmare for players, who have been complaining about performance issues and app crashes. Affected users have raised the issue on social media platforms, including Twitter.

Fortnite please realize that iOS 13 and ipadOS users are unable to play Fortnite as it crashes mid game. And its not apples fault because many apps are iOS 13 compatible,” one user tweeted.

Following the growing number of complaints, Epic acknowledged the stability issues with the iOS beta versions. It also asked Fortnite players not to install the beta version of the operating system.

“We’re aware of stability concerns on the iOS 13 beta for Fortnite Mobile. We recommend that players do not use the iOS 13 beta at this time,” Epic said in a tweet last week.

If you are already on the beta version, you will have to downgrade to a stable version to continue playing the game. If you were planning to update to the beta version but have not yet done so, it is recommended that you don’t update. Apple is expected to release iOS 13 in September. Until then if you can’t live without playing Fortnite, it is best that you don’t install any of the iOS 13 betas

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