Epic Games Warns Fortnite iOS Players Against Installing iOS 13

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Epic Games has bad news for Fortnite players who also happen to be using beta versions of iOS 13. Epic has asked Fortnite iOS players to stay away from the beta versions due to “stability” issues. This warning for Fortnite iOS players comes via a tweet from Epic Games.

“We’re aware of stability concerns on the iOS 13 beta for Fortnite Mobile. We recommend that players do not use the iOS 13 beta at this time,” the tweet states.

If you are a Fortnite fan and have downloaded the iOS public beta, you will have to downgrade to continue playing the game without any performance issues. If you were planning to update to any public iOS 13 beta, it is recommended that you don’t do so.

Apple released the first public beta for iOS 13 on June 24. Just days after the release, many Fortnite Mobile players started complaining about regular crashes and other performance issues. It is always recommended that you don’t install any beta version on your primary device. No matter how stable a beta is from a testing point of view, there could always be compatibility issues with some apps and games.

As of now, it is not known if Epic will update Fortnite to fix the issues faced by beta testers or if the update will come from a future iOS beta or if there will be any such fix for the beta at all. However, we can expect some sort of fix for Fortnite iOS players eventually, considering the massive popularity of the game.

If there is no fix for the beta, Fortnite iOS players will have to wait for the final version of iOS 13. Apple is expected to release iOS 13 in September, meaning a wait of about two to three months.

It is unlikely that Fortnite players will want to want to wait, especially considering that a new season is due to start in a couple of weeks. The finale to the current season, Season 9, is set to trigger this weekend, based on the countdown timers around Fortnite‘s island. The timers point to 7 p.m. British Summer Time (2 p.m. Eastern) on July 20, which will likely be the start time of the event that will eventually end the current season.

The event that will result in the end of the season will likely be something like a clash of the titans. Players can see a mammoth robot being constructed at the Pressure Plant in the crater of the volcano in the red corner. The Cattus monster is in the blue corner. It is expected that a clash between the two giant creatures will change the landscape of the island significantly. That is probably why players are seeing announcement posters around the island saying “when danger strikes, take the high ground.”

Season 10 is expected to begin on Aug. 1. This would mean that Season 9 will run for 12 weeks, a bit longer than usual. A major reason for a stretched season is because the Fortnite World Cup finals are scheduled at the end of this month. Since a new season comes with new changes that impact the maps, gameplay strategies and more, Epic will want World Cup finalists to play in an environment they are familiar with, which is Season 9.

Based on past seasons, Season 10 will start after the end of Season 9, possibly in the early hours of Aug. 1. The new season will come with new skins and battle passes, which will likely be revealed a few days before the start of the new season.

There are no hints about what to expect from the new season yet. There is still a lot of time left for Epic to hint at upcoming changes on the Fortnite map.  Usually the hints about the theme of the next season come before the end of the current season. Considering the expected release date of Aug. 1 for the new season, we can expect an official teaser for Season 10 around July 29.

As far as the Season 10 battle pass, the format for the battle pass has not changed much since its debut. Thus, we expect the season 10 battle pass to be similar to passes from past seasons. It will likely cost the same, which is 950 Fortnite V-Bucks.

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