Now Anyone Can Play The Fortnite For Android Beta, No Invite Needed

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The Fortnite for Android beta came out earlier this year as a timed exclusive on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Thereafter, it was rolled out to other Android devices, but on an invite-only basis. However, an invitation is no longer needed as the popular battle royale game is now open to all Android devices.

Fortnite for Android beta open to all

Epic Games announced this development on Thursday, saying, “No invite needed – download the Fortnite Beta now on any compatible Android device.”

To check if your handset is compatible with the Fortnite for Android beta, visit Epic’s site. Fortnite is also now available in early access for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.

However, Fortnite is still not available to download from the Google Play Store. To get the Fortnite for Android beta, you’l need to visit from your smartphone and follow the steps there. You can also visit the link from your desktop and then scan the QR code using your phone or tablet.

Circumventing the Google Play Store means Epic gets to keep more of the profits, but it may also lead to security issues. The Google Play Store is a trusted, safe platform, but avoiding it raises the risk of hackers misleading potential players. There have been cases when fake apps claiming to offer V-bucks have cheated users out of their credentials. It is very important that you make sure you’re installing it from the official site.

Epic has also revealed the recommended system specs for Android devices to get the optimal experience. The recommended version of the OS is Android 8.0 or higher and 64-bit, while the recommended GPU is Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20 or Mali-G72 MP12 or higher. Recommended RAM is 4GB or higher.

Fortnite is already available to iOS devices via the App Store. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, told Eurogamer earlier that if they had the choice, they would bypass the App Store as well.

Smashing revenue records

Now that the game is available to all Android and iOS users, it will be interesting to see how much larger its player base can get. Recently, Fortnite on iOS smashed a massive mobile revenue record.

SensorTower claimed recently that Fortnite has earned $300 million on iOS from micro-transactions since its launch on March 15. Even though it’s a massive achievement, Fortnite is not the fastest to hit that number. Niantic’s Pokemon Go earned $300 million in just 113 days on iOS, according to SensorTower.

However, compared to direct rival PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite is way ahead. PUBG has made about $47 million in 173 days. Fortnite emerges as a winner even compared to other popular games. The battle royal game surpassed the likes of Clash Royale, Honor of Kings, and Knives Out when it comes to their first-200-day revenue.

Further, SensorTower notes that of the $300 million in revenue, about 65% came from the United States. On Android, the game has earned $60 million since its launch as an invite-only beta on Aug. 9.

What’s new in Fortnite Season 6?

Meanwhile Fortnite continues with Season 6, called Darkness Rises. This new season is marked by spooky cosmetic items. The developer is also planning to add Halloween-based skins.  Highlighting the importance of the new season, SensorTower claimed the iOS version added over $20 million since the start of Season 6 on Sept. 27.

In addition to coming up with new seasons regularly, Epic Games has also been adding new items in the ongoing season to keep up the excitement. The developer recently released 6.02 for Fortnite on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. The new update includes a new limited-time mode which focuses on dancing, a powerful weapon for Battle Royale and a new weapon for Save The World as well.

Epic’s new limited-time mode is called Disco Domination. Players are divided into two teams of 32, and they need to capture the dance floors by dancing and defending them from enemies.

“Take them over by clearing out any enemies and then dancing to raise a disco ball up from the floor. The team that fills their meter the fastest by capturing and defending the dance floors will win the match!” Epic says.

The new Quad Rocket Launcher now fires four rockets in quick succession. Further, Save the World also has the Noble Launcher weapon.

“Charge this powerful launcher to defeat crowds of enemies with a beam of piercing energy,” Epic says.

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