The World’s Richest Football Agents

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There are diverse types of Sports played around the world with millions of followers, but Football tops all. Its estimated that half of the world admires this sport and follows the major football clubs. When we say Football, what rings our mind is celebrated players, referees, coaches, managers, zealous fans. But Football Agents are often overlooked from the colossally followed game.  Football Agents plays a very significant role in contemporary football. Agents are the official people by FIFA who represents the process of transfer and contract negotiations of the players and they are the ones who are responsible for the skyrocketing fees of the players.

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Being a sports agent is a well-paid job, but for a Football Agent, it can be a money-spinning one. The ones representing the prominent players are known for amassing a good fortune themselves. The business of Football Player is booming like ever before. There has been an increase of 38% on the fees disbursed to the Agents in the 2016-17 season and the trend continues further. During 16/17 season, a whopping sum was spent by Premier League Clubs on the Agents fees.

All said and done Player remains the dominion and hold the right to boot out the Agent anytime. But there is no denying fact that Agent has the competence and power to boost or plummet a player’s career and the adjoined team or Club. That is evident in the last few years when the players were fetched or sold for a staggering fee. We have also witnessed the performance of respective teams going for a toss in the absence of the eminent player or the end of a legendary career in the incompetent team.

Here is an Infographic by Moneypod, exhibiting the details of the highest grosser football agents and their commissions and a peek into the stats of Football Agent remunerations.

Richest Football Agents

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