Don’t Like Font On A Website? Change It Using This Chrome Extension

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Since we’ve got a plethora of information on various websites on the Internet, it is essential that the information is presented in a clean and clear way. But some websites out there present the information in such a way that it becomes hard to read it. Either the fonts are too small or too large, or not readable because of style or the page’s background.

Those who have weak vision or want to zoom-in and zoom-out, can always zoom-in to the webpage by pressing Ctrl and +, and zoom-out using Ctrl and -, but doing this on every site won’t be that convenient.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can change the font size and font style for some sites or every site easily? Fortunately, if you’re using the Chrome browser then you can do this easily using an extension.

Change fonts and font styles in Chrome

Enter Font Changer with Google Web Fonts, an extension for Chrome that allows you to change fonts on just any website. You can either apply a global style that would apply to all websites or simply select some particular sites where you want to apply the font style.


When you install the Chrome extension, it adds an icon to the browser’s address bar. Click on it and then start configuring the settings. You can define where you want to apply the selected font styles from the “Use” menu at the top. If you set “Global settings” then all websites will have that font style applied, and if you set “Custom settings” then your selected settings are applied only to the currently open website. Select No settings to revert back the site to use its default fonts.

The extension allows you to configure font name, style, weight and size. This extension is really very easy to use and works great. If you ever wanted to change the fonts on your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Wikipedia, Reddit or other, then this is the extension that you should try out.

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