CNBC Delivers 20-Year Low in Business Day Viewers

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See below for the 2Q’ ratings highlights for both FOX NEWS CHANNEL AKA FNC and FOX BUSINESS Network AKA FBN and some bad numbers for CNBC which were obtained by ValueWalk from source with direct knowledge of the matter. Bad is not the word for numbers  at CNBC. IE the numbers for demo 25-54 had CNBC at 47 on the list as opposed to all ages chart where CNBC came in at 51. In both places, the show was SharkTank and that was the highest rated show for the network.

Time for another Ackman Icahn fight or a Joe Biden versus Bill Ackman boxing match?

See more details below.

FNC is Up Double-Digits in Both Primetime and Total Day Viewership vs. 2Q’16

FNC Leads All of Basic Cable in Primetime and Total Day for Four Consecutive Quarters

Continuing its dominance as the top-rated news network, FOX News Channel (FNC) marked 62 consecutive quarters as the highest-rated cable news channel in total viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. FNC also topped basic cable in both primetime and total day, ahead of TNT and Nickelodeon, marking four consecutive quarters as the most-watched basic cable network in both categories.


During 2Q’17, FNC was up double-digits compared to the same quarter last year in all categories and metrics. In total day, FNC averaged 1.5 million in total viewers (up 27%) and 314,000 (up 46%). In primetime, FNC delivered 2.4 million in total viewers (up 19%) and 472,000 (up 34%) in the 25-54 demo. For the quarter, FNC crushed the cable news competition in both primetime and total day in total viewers and with A25-54 in both dayparts.


Additionally, FNC claimed 14 of the top 20 cable news programs in total viewers and 5 out of the top 10 in the 25-54 demo. In fact, all FNC programs posted double-digit gains in the younger 25-54 demo compared to the same quarter last year.


Among FNC’s daytime programs, FOX & Friends (6-9AM/ET) delivered 1,612,000 million total viewers (up 48%) and 368,000 in the A25-54 demographic (up 64%) during the second quarter of 2017. The network’s signature morning program is also on pace to have its highest-rated year in network history. At 9AM/ET, America’s Newsroom is up 32% in total viewers (1,843,000) and 52% in the younger A25-54 demo (359,000). FNC’s afternoon ensemble program, Outnumbered (12PM/ET), averaged 1,753,0000 million total viewers (up 31%) and 338,000 (up 55%) in A25-54. Shepard Smith Reporting is up 24% in total viewers at 3PM/ET, delivering 1,520,000 viewers and is also up 45% in A25-54 (289,000). At 4PM/ET, Your World with Neil Cavuto claimed 1,681,000 total viewers (up 25%) and 311,000 viewers in the A25-54 demographic (up 50%).


Kicking off FNC’s evening programming, at 5PM/ET, FNC’s brand new program The FOX News Specialists garnered 1,881,000 total viewers and 349,000 (up 19%) in A25-54. At 6PM/ET, Special Report with Bret Baier averaged 2,349,000 total viewers (up 16%) and 417,000 (up 35%) in A25-54. The Story with Martha MacCallum at 7PM/ET was up 18% in total viewers (2,065,000) and 47% in the younger A25-54 demo. At 8PM/ET, Tucker Carlson Tonight was the most-watched program in total viewers for the second quarter of 2017, delivering 2,782,000 viewers and was up 16% in the A25-54 demo (540,000). The Five (9PM/ET) averaged 2,468,000 total viewers (up 2%) and 508,000 (up 17%) in A25-54. Hannity was the highest-rated FNC program in the younger A25-54 demo with 552,000 viewers (up 31%) and was up 30% in total viewers, delivering 2,526,000 viewers.




Total Viewers: Tucker Carlson Tonight (2,714,000), The Rachel Maddow Show (2,519,000), Hannity (2,511,000), The Five (2,468,000), Special Report with Bret Baier (2,340,000)


Adults 25-54: The Rachel Maddow Show (604,000), Hannity (550,000), Tucker Carlson Tonight (541,000), The Five (508,000), Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell (476,000)


2Q’17 VS. 2Q’16 NIELSEN NUMBERS (7 day week, L+SD):



FNC: 1,465,000 total viewers – up 27% (314,000 in 25-54 – up 46%)

CNN: 788,000 total viewers – up 25% (262,000 in 25-54 – up 39%)

MSNBC: 886,000 total viewers – up 73% (206,000 in 25-54 – up 57%)



FNC: 2,352,000 total viewers – up 19% (472,000 in 25-54 – up 34%)

CNN: 1,055,000 total viewers – up 10% (370,000 in 25-54 – up 19%)

MSNBC: 1,637,000 total viewers – up 86% (389,000 in 25-54 – up 78%)



FNC: 2,227,000 total viewers – up 19% (443,000 in 25-54 – up 36%)

CNN: 1,045,000 total viewers – up 15% (364,000 in 25-54 – up 25%)

MSNBC: 1,554,000 total viewers – up 83% (363,000 in 25-54 – up 76%)


See Fox business and CNBC stats below stats below


Network Sees 47 Percent Boost in Viewership Across 2017

June Marks FBN’s Eighth Monthly Win over CNBC

CNBC Delivers 20-Year Low in Business Day Viewers

NEW YORK – JUNE 27, 2017FOX Business Network (FBN) ended the second quarter as the number one rated business network on television, besting rival CNBC, for three consecutive quarters in Business Day viewers. This is the first time FBN has topped CNBC for three back-to-back quarters since the network launched in 2007.

Averaging 173,000 total viewers, FBN saw its Business Day audience grow 35 percent over 2016 for the quarter. Led by strong performances from anchors Stuart Varney, Neil Cavuto, Trish Regan and Liz Claman, FBN’s Business Day came out 8 percent ahead of CNBC’s for the quarter, which had 160,000 total viewers on average. Year to date, FBN is up 47 percent in Business Day viewers, averaging 192,000 total viewers for 2017.

While FBN has been experiencing double digit growth over the course of the past year, CNBC has shown declines in their core Business Day viewership. In the 25-54 demo, CNBC delivered its lowest rated quarter since 1991, and in total viewers, had its lowest rated quarter in 20 years, dating back to 1997. Additionally, CNBC is the only major news channel showing yearly declines, while all other networks have double-digit gains across the board for the year, notably down 12 percent in Business Day viewers over their performance last year (196,000 total viewers).

FBN’s pre and post-market coverage also showed strong growth for the quarter. Lou Dobbs’ eponymous program Lou Dobbs Tonight continues to be the number one rated news program on business television, marking 14 consecutive monthly wins atop the business ranker. The program also won its 7PM/ET timeslot for 44 straight weeks. Maria Bartiromo’s Mornings with Maria (6-9AM/ET) saw viewership grow 28 percent over last year while Risk & Reward and Making Money with Charles Payne also topped their nightly competition in total viewers. Additionally, Wall Street Week (Fridays at 8PM/ET), newly helmed by Bartiromo, saw a 39 percent increase and Kennedy, hosted by Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery (MondayThursday at 8PM/ET) grew 35 percent in total viewers this quarter.

With the markets hitting new highs and news of the second Federal Reserve interest rate hike of the year, FBN closed out the month of June with its eighth monthly win over CNBC. Averaging 176,000 total Business Day viewers, FBN came in 12 percent higher than CNBC during Business Day for June, which had 157,000 total viewers. The network also grew its audience 31 percent over the same month last year with all Business Day programs topping CNBC in total viewers during their timeslots. Additionally, FBN delivered six of the top seven business programs on television this month, with Lou Dobbs Tonight and Varney & Co ranking numbers one and two for the fourth straight quarter in total viewers.

2Q‘17 Business Day (9:30A-5P/ET)

FBN: 173,000 total viewers (up 35%) and 21,000 A25-54 (up 24%)

CNBC: 160,000 total viewers (down 13%) and 29,000 A25-54 (down 19%)

2017 Business Day To Date:

FBN: 192,000 total viewers (up 47%) and 26,000 A25-54 (up 30%)

CNBC: 172,000 total viewers (down 12%) and 32,000 A25-54 (down 16%)

June Business Day:

FBN: 176,000 total viewers (up 31%) and 20,000 A25-54 (up 25%)

CNBC: 157,000 total viewers (down 14%) and 28,000 A25-54 (down 28%)

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