5 Games You Can’t Miss Playing This Year!

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For most people inhabiting the world in the 21st century, perhaps the most common form of leisure available is through games. There’s just something strangely intoxicating about gaming– the feeling one gets as they slip into the fictional word presented in the game in front of them, forgetting about the sorrows of reality for some blissful moments.

However, speaking from the perspective of an avid gamer, some games, especially the ones compatible with mobile phones, can get monotonous in a matter of days.

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To help you in your quest to find new and enticing games, we’ve compiled a list of the best mobile games available in popular application stores, that you simply can’t let pass your radar. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quick game or a longer, more story-oriented one, we’ve got you covered!

#1- Flappy Unicorn:

As stated above, sometimes all you need is a quick game that you can play on your phone, without the hassle of waiting for hours on end for a game to load. Well, Flappy Unicorn has got your back.

Similar to the mega-popular ‘Flappy Bird,’ flappy unicorn has a colorful and engaging interface, which immediately pleases the eye. The game requires the players to guide a magical unicorn with wings, through a bunch of vertical obstacles with the utmost care and skill. As stated in the game’s description on Unlimited Gamez mo, flappy unicorn enables players to live the ultimate fantasy of becoming a magical unicorn with wings.

Furthermore, the game’s host application, Unlimited Gamez, offers gamers an arsenal of mobile and tablet games, in exchange for a measly subscription fee. In the highly unlikely event that you get bored with a flappy unicorn, your gaming needs will be easily met with all the diverse choices available!

#2- Alto's Adventure:

Another game that’s all set to mesmerize gamers is ‘Alto’s Adventure.’ Snowboarding has never had such a calming effect on anyone as it does in this game. Set within endless mountains, the game requires players to guide Alto, and other unlockable characters, as they snowboard through the mountains. The game has a lovely interface, and simple, yet efficient, one-touch controls, which enhances the experience of the gameplay.

Visually speaking, the game is a feast for the senses. As mentioned above, the glorious mountains transport the players to a serene place in their minds, and the perfectly executed day-to-night transitions help to create a sense of realness within the world.

But perhaps the aspect of the game that contributes the most to its relaxed feel is the soundtrack. Alto’s Adventure is one of those games, where gamers can vastly improve their gameplay experience by the simple act of putting on headphones. Available on iOS and Google Play for $5, this is one game you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

#3- Immortal Rogue:

For lovers of the dark and twisted, Immortal rogue is a game you wouldn’t want to be slipped under the radar.

Immortal rogue features an immortal vampire in the limelight and players have the opportunity to command him in the fight against his enemies, with ease. The gameplay incorporates one-touch movements, where you’ll swipe to move, tap to launch an attack, press and hold to release a fully fletched attack. The subtle differences between the taps can be difficult to get used to at first, but most players get used to it quite quickly.

The amalgamation of mystery with dark and creepy tones in games can usually be overdone or fails to meet the mark at all, resulting in a game that leaves the players puzzled at the end. Immortal rogue faces none of these problems. The game takes a simple path to the complex genre, instead.

The player remains invested throughout the course of Immortal rogue, as the game keeps many unlockable perks that help the vampire on his journey. The types of enemies you face change, with each time you die.

Available on iOS and PlayStore, for a minuscule amount of $4.99, Immortal rogue is a game you’d definitely enjoy!

#4- The Stillness of the Wind:

From a distance, the Stillness of the Wind appears to be a simple game about farming, with the elderly Talma tending to the needs of her land. As the players delve deeper into the game, however, the intricacies that work behind the scenes in the stillness of the wind come into focus.

Although the gameplay consists of short sporadic periods of activity, the backbone of the game lies in how it has mastered the art of storytelling. The sad and melancholic beauty of the game lies in the everyday activities Talma indulges in around the abandoned farm.  Since everyone else fled the city a long time ago, all that Talma is left with are her chickens and chores.

If the story seems stoic and monotonous, it’s probably because the player hasn’t been paying much attention. Woven into the very fabric of the game, are little clues and hints that paints a picture of a corrupted city, fading into demise, intertwined hauntingly with existential dread.  As our elderly Talma approaches the end of her time, a traveling merchant brings her increasingly minous letters from family and friends.

At half the price of the PC version, the iOS edition allows users to experience the somber magic cast by the stillness of the wind, at just $4.99.

#5- Battlelands:

Another game action enthusiasts will enjoy is ‘Battlelands.’ Battlelands gives gamers their daily battle royale gaming fix without the hassle.

The gameplay is pretty much similar to the gameplay on Fortnite, so the majority of the gamers would already be familiar with it. That being said, Battlelands allows players to pick a drop point on the island, then release a parachute to find various weapons and shields.

Moreover, players can find weapons through chase down weapon drops — the search results in advanced weapons such as rocket launchers. From there on, the gameplay follows the course via the players’ choices. You can either hide in buildings or indulge in a more active form of gameplay, as you take down other players to win the battle.

Perhaps the best thing about Battlelands is the pace of the game, as it rarely lasts more than ten minutes, and keeps the player's attention in. Available on iOS and PlayStore, Battlelands is available for free download.

So, where do you go from here?

Now that we’ve brought you in the loop regarding the best games available for mobiles in the market, all that’s left for you to do is to alleviate yourself through some gaming!

Happy gaming!

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