Fortnite vs PUBG – Gameplay, Maps, Graphics: Which Game Is Best?

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While PUBG has been around for a while now, the Battle Royale genre exploded once again upon the release of Fortnite. Offering an alternative experience to the king of the Battle Royale genre, Fortnite is now a worthy competitor to PUBG with a player base that is quickly growing and can rival that of the game that put the genre on the map. But which game is better? Everyone has their favorites, but let’s take a look at Fortnite vs PUBG in order to give you a sense of which title might be right for you.

PUBG, more formally known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, was the first of the two titles to release, and has become a staple in the gaming community. Towards the end of 2017, it boasted 3 million concurrent players – a player base rivaling titles that had been around for quite a while longer. Fortnite is quickly gaining ground, however, with an increase in playerbase by 10 million just in the last month alone.


On the surface, these two games look quite similar. It’s true that at their core, the two offer different variations on the same theme: a fight to the death with a huge amount of players where one person comes out on top. With a variety of weapons and a huge map, gamers strategically hunt their opponents down in the quest to be the last man standing.

When you dig a little deeper, however, there are some differences that make these two seemingly similar titles a good deal different. The Fortnite vs PUBG battle won’t have a clear winner, as both titles are excellent in their own right. They have some key elements that separate them from each other, however, that will make them best suited for different people.


It’s not possible to declare a winner in the Fornite vs PUBG battle in terms of graphics, as they both take drastically different approaches. PUBG goes for graphics that sway much more in the direction of realism, with meticulously crafted environments that give the game a very serious and true-to-life feel.

Fortnite, on the other hand, goes for a cartoonish and colorful aesthetic that is far removed from the design of PUBG. The graphics belie the depth of the title, however, and Fortnite is certainly a game that stands toe to toe with its older brother when comparing Fortnite vs PUBG.

If you want a more realistic aesthetic, go with PUBG. For a brighter and more “fun” aesthetic, Fortnite may be the game for you.

Fortnite vs PUBG
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With a Battle Royale arena with a huge amount of players, it’s important that there’s a large area for people to traverse with many different places to both hide and lie in waiting for that perfect ambush. PUBG does offer a larger map, which offers an advantage over Fortnite. However, the large map also means that you’ll have to employ vehicles if you want to cover any distance. By hopping in a truck you’re making yourself far more noticeable – a major problem if you’re trying to sneak by undetected.

PUBG also has an advantage in that it features two different maps with more coming in 2018, the variety keeps things interesting and, considering the huge amount of hours many gamers are putting into the game, that can make all the difference.

Fortnite’s developers have expanded the map slightly and plan to add more maps in the future, but right now that’s not a priority for the team. Since the game is significantly newer, the lower amount of content may be forgivable.

If map size and variety matters to you, it’s pretty easy to see that PUBG has the advantage in this category.


As mentioned above, the basis of these two games is very much the same: battle it out until you’re the last one standing using a variety of weapons and items to survive and conquer. The two games do differ a significant amount in how the gameplay feels, however, and neither one is necessarily better than the other.

If depth of crafting and weapons are your chief concern, PUBG takes the win. With far more variety, you have a number of ways to accomplish your goals which appears to add a good deal more depth when compared to Fortnite.

Fortnite is very unique, however, in that it offers construction as a key element of gameplay. By dynamically building walls and ramps, the feel and flow of combat when comparing Fortnite vs PUBG is dramatically different.

When comparing Fortnite vs PUBG, PUBG comes out on top for depth of gameplay, and Fortnite takes the prize for the most unique twist with their novel approach to construction.


With any sort of online game, many people wonder about the health of the title and whether there are enough people to sustain their gameplay for a long period of time. When comparing Fortnite vs PUBG, the difference is minimal.

With both titles boasting millions of concurrent players, the titles will be around for years to come. So when making the decision of Fortnite vs PUBG when it comes to finding a title you’ll work to master, the choice is in your hands.

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