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Features iOS 10 Stole From Jailbreak Tweaks

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Every year Apple updates its iOS device lineup with a major new version of its mobile operating system. And this year as expected, Apple has done the same and announced its iOS 10 OS, and this year the update doesn’t just include many new features for users to take advantage of, but it also has had some changes made to its UI that will be easy for a user to see when using it on a daily basis.

From Jailbreak to Official iOS 10 Feature

I can’t believe I am actually going to tell you this, but it looks as though not all of Apple’s new features are original ones! It turns out that some of them have been available via the jailbreak community for some time.

So, in this article, I am going to share with you 4 new features that appear in iOS 10 and seem to have come straight from jailbreak tweaks.

1. Third Party Access to Siri

With iOS 10, Apple has decided to open up access to what is known as the SiriKit, to developers so that they can closely tie in Siri with other third-party applications. What this essentially does, is give Siri more functionality and there have been some solutions available like this in via the jailbreak community for some time. However, I have to say that they were never truly that great!

Features iOS 10 Stole From Jailbreak Tweaks

One of these Siri Extensions is AssistantExtensions, it is a library, which other jailbreak developers can use to provide Siri with the resources to answer new types of questions. However, what Apple have now done, is legitimize a third-party developer allowing him or her to do this outside of the jailbreak community. It seems that Apple finally got the message and decided to do what others had been trying to do for a few years and make Siri that bit more open.

iOS 10 Stickers for iMessage

2. Stickers in the Messages App

There’s been some reasonable excitement surrounding the new features in the Messages app, and iMessage in iOS 10 has received a lot of new features tailored for iOS users only. Of these new features, there is one that stands out above the rest. And that is the ability to use stickers in iMessage. Think about it, it’s about time Apple allowed this feature, as Facebook users have been able to do this for years.

However, if you have used a jailbroken iPhone or iPad this feature has been available via the jailbreak tweak called StickerMe for some time. Using it jailbreakers have been able to use and send Facebook like stickers with iMessage to a recipient and the recipient did not have to have a jailbroken device to see them.

iOS 10 Lock Screen Messages Notifications

3. Interactive Notifications

Another of the highly anticipated new features of iOS 10 was Interactive Notifications, this allows a user to access even more information from a notification on the lock screen than has ever been allowed previously.

Personally, I think the interface Apple designed for this new feature looks very similar to 3D Touch Notifications. However, I’m not sure of Interactive Notifications in iOS 10 make use of 3D Touch like the Jailbreak tweak does, but I am sure that the interface Apple uses to let a user see more of the message conversation via the lock screen does look a lot like the 3D Touch Notifications tweak interface.

remove stock ios 10 apps

4. Remove Stock Apps from the Home screen

Yes, this is a big deal, Apple has long been the king of bloatware. Filling the iPhone and iPad home screens full of apps that almost no one wanted to use. Until Apple announced iOS 10, the only way to get rid of these unwanted apps was to hide them. The jailbreak community, however, did come up with a solution a long time ago, it provided tweaks such as Springtomize that allowed a user with a jailbroken handset to hide these annoying finance and other generally not wanted apps.

I know what you’re thinking ” But, that’s not removing them, it’s just hiding them!” And I would have to say you’re right, but it did something that until now Apple would not let you do. Apple’s solution to this problem is as you would expect, is much cleaner and it lets you uninstall some stock apps, but not all! And if at a later date you decide that you want that particular app back, you can pay it a visit on the App Store and re-install it from there.

Final Thoughts

As you probably already know Jailbreaking has for a long time been the only way you can get a more customizable experience with an iOS device. For years, Apple has resisted the urge to meet the needs of its customers who had decided to go over to the jailbreak community, and instead treating them like rebels from the Star Wars franchise.

What these, new jailbreak tweaks to official iOS 10 features show is, Apple is now actively listening to its users and is trying its best to tempt people away from jailbreaking.

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