iPhone 6S Jailbreak Shows Improvements To 3D Touch [VIDEO]

Those who already use an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus know that the 3D touch feature is more useful than some people think.

Far from being a gimmick, 3D Touch lets you preview items in email, browsers and chats without having to actually open them. It also allows you to use quick shortcuts to certain app features on the home screen.

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iPhone 6s Jailbreak – Updated hardware would enable greater 3D Touch functionality

It is thought that the feature could be extended to new areas as soon as more iPhones and iPads support it. The restricting factor right now is hardware, as 3D Touch needs components capable of sensing pressure and providing haptic feedback.

Now an unofficial app called Quick Center reveals that Apple could boost the functionality of 3D Touch by changing one vital feature of iOS. Quick Center lets users toggle iPhone features on and off, control their music and launch certain apps quickly. However Quick Center uses 3D Touch to make the pull-up menu more powerful.

Press on the WiFi button and you will be presented options to connect to any nearby WiFi network of Bluetooth device. 3D Touch means that the Time and Camera shortcuts will let you set an alarm and take a picture right from the Control Center.

Apple iPhone Control Center criticized by hardcore users

Buy the unofficial Quick Center app for $1 from the Cydia store. You need to have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus with a jailbroken version of iOS 9.2.1 to enjoy the full set of features. It also works on non-3D Touch devices but the user experience changes.

The Control Center has not been opened up to developers, and it seems unlikely that Quick Center will be available on the Apple App Store. It would be nice if Apple were to use the app as inspiration for iOS 10, because users would definitely appreciate the greater functionality.

In fact the Control Center is one area that iPhone users have criticized. Compared to Android rivals the menu is lacking in functionality, and a wishlist of changes is currently a hot topic among users of Apple fan forums.