Microsoft’s Fastest Selling Console Preorder Is Xbox One X

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Microsoft just opened up preorders for the Xbox One X earlier this week, and the company says that it quickly became its fastest selling console preorder. Preorders are already sold out at most of the nation’s retailers, indicating that it’s a huge hit.

Xbox One X beats Microsoft’s own expectations

In a press release today, Microsoft announced the news that the Xbox One X is its fastest selling console preorder ever. The company opened up preorders for the console on Sunday night after revealing the special edition Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition console, which is designed for huge Xbox fans who just have to own a console with the “Project Scorpio” name attached. That’s the name Microsoft gave to the One X while it was still in development before it announced that the console was ready to go on sale and gave the console its official name.

The company said in its press release today that within only days of launching preorders for the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, it saw “record-setting sell-out times,” making it the fastest selling console preorder ever. In fact, Microsoft said it is now sold out in many countries around the globe. Clearly, the price isn’t negatively impacting the console’s popularity, as some suggested it could.

Project Scorpio Edition becomes Microsoft’s fastest selling console preorder

It seems the company is lumping the Project Scorpio Edition console in with the regular Xbox One X, which makes sense. It is the same console, only with the special name to pay homage to the long-running “Project Scorpio” name. However, from the press release, it sounds like it was the Project Scorpio Edition alone that pushed the Xbox One X over the top and into the position of being the company’s fastest selling console preorder.

“You, our biggest fans, have pre-ordered more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles in the first five days than any Xbox ever,” the company declared in its press release.

No more Project Scorpio Edition consoles will be available

Microsoft also announced that fans will no longer be able to preorder the Project Scorpio Edition of the Xbox One X after this initial supply is sold out, which means it won’t be available in most countries any longer. The company said it will announce details on the “next wave” of standard edition Xbox One X consoles in September.

It seems that some are trying to sell their Project Scorpio Edition preorders on eBay. Some prices for listings we’ve seen today are in excess of $800 and even going up to $1,500 or $1,000 in some cases. Of course, it was inevitable that people would sell their preorders at greatly marked-up prices in a manner similar to scalping, given how popular the console was.

The Xbox One X becomes available on Nov. 7, so those who have preordered one still have months to wait before they’ll be able to play it.

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