Fannie Mae: Commons Complaint Exposes New Levels Of Governments “Brazen Conduct”

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Fannie Mae: Commons Complaint Exposes New Levels Of Governments “Brazen Conduct” by TimHoward717

I have to say that I think Andrew had a great idea in that we should refer to yesterday’s complaint as “The Commons Complaint.”

I hope everyone takes note that some of the information in the complaint had previously found its way into our blog. Our readers will recognize the key point found beginning on line 45 where they discuss the fact that the treasury blocked the sale of tax credits by the FHFA. This is one of several items that our regular readers will recognize.

Fed and FHFA are effectively liquidating Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Rocco just directed us to this key point “This one line sums up the true intentions of the self-dealing Fed and FHFA.” “Rather than conserving the companies’ assets, Defendants are confiscating the entire net worth of Fannie Mae / Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me (OTCBB:FNMA) and Freddie Mac / Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp (OTCBB:FMCC) and effectively liquidating them under the guise of conservatorship.” This critical point was made crystal clear.

Another key point was the fact that the Perry injunction and the Fairholme lawsuit were both filed on behalf of preferred shareholders. Though I do not agree, there were quite a few people who feared that somehow the commons could be left out of any settlement reached in those cases. I have received many inquiries voicing this type of concern. There were obviously quite a few people not buying commons for this reason, and now these concerns have been alleviated.

I have to say that the more I study the complaint, the more amazed I am at the sheer amount of information that it contains, some of which I did not think would be revealed until the trials were well underway.

Yesterdays complaint presents one of the most comprehensive, simplistic and easy to understand versions of exactly what has transpired. I wish more media people would take a few minutes and read this rather than just continue to parrot the governments lies.

Fannie Mae: Misdeeds committed by the treasury and FHFA

Yesterday’s document leaves no doubt that the gross misdeeds committed by the treasury and FHFA (Our government) must be righted in the court. Any other option will have permanent and lasting grave effects on the U.S. economy. As I have said before capital flows into America from all over the world for the simple reason that capital is governed by the rule of law in our country. If the rule of law is allowed to be arbitrarily discarded then we become no different than Russia, Venezuela and several other countries in the world.

I will be providing more analysis over the coming days as there is far too much to cover in even a few posts.I also have some great material ready to go but I do not want to distract our focus today. Keep the Faith!


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