Fannie Mae – Ackman Complaint: Is This What America Has Become?

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Fannie Mae – Ackman Complaint: Is This What America Has Become? by TimHoward717

Ackman complaint: Government’s scheme against Fannie Mae

The Ackman complaint is a literal treasure trove of information. I highly suggest everyone study this document. The detailed case laid out regarding treasuries role in this is chilling. As i read this document I feel as if I am reading a Tom Clancy novel about some corrupt third world governmental scheme. Its almost unfathomable that this can be taking place in America.The degree in which our government has trampled the rule of law is staggering. I will be offering a detailed analysis of this complaint over the coming days but right now I want to vent.

This complaint speaks volumes as to the current state of our nation. The lawlessness described in this complaint reads like a Bernie Madoff type indictment. I honestly can’t even study anymore of this tonight as it’s making me feel physically sick.

Ackman’s complaint: A huge win for Fannie Mae

This is a sad day for our nation. This complaint though a huge victory for our side is no cause for celebration,on the contrary I think we should all take a moment of pause. I know this is what we all wanted but I really need to take a break here. Lets take a moment to digest the sad truths that have been revealed. This is not what was ever intended for our great nation.Would our parents ever allowed their great nation to even think about conducting such a lawless heist? Is this the nation that the generations that came before us left us to inherit? So many people have become so self absorbed they no longer care about anything but themselves and their own selfish little plans.

Much of our media has become so detached from reality I honestly don’t think they can even differentiate truth from false anymore. They view their organizations as a vehicle to push their own selfish agenda, the truth is irrelevant to them. Their readers are but pawns that serve one purpose, to fill their banks with gold. What we saw recently was a concerted effort to undermine our cause for their own selfish motives. I have been told that this was a concerted effort to try and once again derail our movement. Their are some very powerful people that are desperate to see us go away,many of whom stand to make huge financial gains if they can only tear us down to pennies.

For Gods sake folks we are but a small band of patriots fighting what history will view as one of the greatest David and Goliath stories ever told.

This detailed complaint vindicates us and condemns our opponents. History will be the final judge and we will all know that we did all we could to prevent our nation from continuing down a path that would have surely led to our ruin. I know we will be victorious I only pray that our nation can somehow get back to a place where even the thought of a scheme like this can not even take root never mind grow as it has now. Keep the faith!

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