The Hidden Meaning Behind Brand Adverts [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Brand adverts are created to tell a story, to make something more relatable and to sell a product, service, or an idea. Although the industry itself has been ever changing since the Ancient Egyptians painted on walls or stones, adverting itself has changed over the past 500 years. In the pre-literate cultures, street markets would set up tables to sell fruits and vegetables, but the signs on the street would be crafted in the shape of the product being sold, a diamond for jewelry or a boot for boots. Inventions such as the radio, printing press and television changed the marketing and advertising world, but it was the internet that revolutionised the industry.

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Advertising used to focus on building up the anticipation, building stories and characters around products, but adverts very quickly became misleading and some just plain lied to sell more products. Advertising today is selling Twining’s tea to people who drink PG Tips.

Various laws have been introduced over the years to enforce the information displayed by adverts and to keep up with the ever-growing types of media. Today’s advertising industry is incredibly regulated and various heavy fines wait for any companies that break the rules.

However, some adverts aren’t just a selling tool, some have an incredibly inspirational message’s behind them, some may not be obvious, while others are.

Just take a look at John Lewis’s man on the moon Christmas advert. John Lewis teamed up with AGE UK to make more people aware of the number of old people who are alone at Christmas. Their message is that no one should be alone, no matter who you are. Which also serves to create an emotional connection with the shopper to reinforce the brand.

Silence of Love by Thai Life Insurance is another brilliant example of an advert with a truly inspirational message. This advert takes you through a through a turbulent relationship between a deaf-mute father and his schoolgirl daughter. The girl is constantly angry at her dad for not being like other fathers, but when the girl becomes ill, it’s clear that no force alive would stop the father from getting her to the hospital. This emotional advert truly shows that actions speak louder than any spoken words and shows the love between a father and daughter.

Inspired by some of the incredible stories, we’ve taken a look at a selection of adverts from GoPro, Nike and other companies that look further than just selling a product!

Brand Adverts

Infographic source: DiscountDisplays

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