Humble Beginnings: The Early Jobs of Famous Authors, Actors, Artists, Muscisians, And Directors

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Famous Authors, Actors, Artists, Musicians, And Directors – Ever wonder how it all started?

Everyone remembers their first job. Maybe yours involved flipping burgers, lugging a basket full of newspapers about town, or keeping one eye on the TV and one on an infant in your care. Whatever it involved, it no doubt topped up the pocket money, but you’ve since moved onto bigger and better things.

Most celebrities, like us regular folk, weren’t actually born into the globally recognised roles they now assume in the world of work. It takes time, hard work, and connections before talent is picked up by the powers that be in the entertainment world.

There are some fascinating examples of people we cannot dissociate with high quality cultural output working the most average of jobs. Avant Garde musical talent Kanye West’s first ‘performance’ involved folding clothes at Gap, spooky-clown-nightmare-fueler Stephen King worked in an industrial laundromat, and Parks and Recreation shoe-shiner come Guardians of the Galaxy super hero Chris Pratt waited at a seafood restaurant.

This isn’t always the case, though, and sometimes very talented people simply start out in life with less than usual jobs. Da Vinci Code famous author Dan Brown was a pop singer in a band before he put down the microphone and picked up the pen, visual artist David Bailey flew in the RAF around Singapore before he picked up his first camera, and Deer Hunter and Pulp Fiction star Christopher Walken played the part of a lion tamer’s son in the circus.

Many of these celebrities had to work hard and persevere to pursue their creative dream. Spellbinding author JK Rowling had her Harry Potter manuscript rejected by twelve publishers before it got picked up, directorial visionary Quentin Tarantino had to work small acting jobs for thirteen years before he finally sold a script, and it took pop sensation Gwen Stefani nine years of performing in a band before she was noticed.

Others simply got lucky. Chris Pratt had a chance encounter with Rae Dawn Chong and was cast into his first film Cursed Part 3 just because she chose to dine at the restaurant he was waiting in, Amy Adams only managed to start auditioning for acting roles thanks to a sprained ankle, and Calvin Harris just so happened to find success on MySpace.

Bobbooks, a leading UK photobook service, have taken a closer look at some of the world’s brightest creative sparks, and revealed the jobs they did before they made it big. While the chances are slim, it’s worth holding out for your big break, regardless of whatever dull job you currently do. All you need is talent, hard work, connections, and very very good luck. No pressure.

Famous Authors, Actors, Artists, Muscisians, And Directors

Famous Authors, Actors, Artists, Muscisians, And Directors


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