Alternative Family Holiday Destinations For The Same Price

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It is that time of the year when families are looking for those lastminute deals to secure a summer family holiday spot in the crowded beaches of Europe. However, to help UK families branch out and avoid overtourism,, an online travel and leisure retailer, analysed their booking data to find 7 alternative, budget-friendly destinations for UK families to explore this summer.

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This list was created after a survey revealed that 25% of UK families tend to return to familiar holiday destinations and  6.7% of UK families return to the same family holiday destination every single year. According to ONS holiday trends most recent data, Spain, France and Italy have been topping the charts for the most visited holiday destinations by UK citizens for years now, even though travel to new countries is more affordable than ever.

Nevertheless, what was very interesting in the survey results was that 42% of these same respondents said that they want to explore new destinations when traveling with family but extra costs and planning always become an obstacle when considering other holiday ideas. Affordability plays a key role when choosing where to go: 17% of respondents agreed that as long as it’s affordable, they don’t care where they go on summer holiday.


With this information and to work that out, decided to look into the average expenditure of a UK family during their Summer family holiday. The findings revealed that an average family of four people with two parents and two children spends £2,100 on average when booking flights and hotels. However, dining and entertainment can add to the bill ostensibly depending on the city or country of choice.

Therefore, after reviewing the data in depth the travel agent concluded that UK families could spend up to £3,000 on a full week abroad. “Travelling abroad as a family is getting easier and more affordable for everyone and summer is the right time to visit new places. Old habits die hard though, and a high number of UK families still choose to return to the places they’ve been to previously. We want to encourage families to explore also alternative and new destinations for their next family break, and most of the time these can cost the same price as their old favourites”, says Reigo Eljas, Country Director at

And to prof that discovering new destinations does not need to come at extra cost here you could find a list of family-friendly destinations that aren’t frequently visited by UK holidaymakers.

Do take a look at our selection below and  for more information visit website This guide makes new destinations only a click away, so don’t miss the opportunity to make the best out of these deals.

Alternative Family Holiday Destinations

This list features destinations such as Albena in Bulgaria, best known as the “family friendly beach”, it is a small city by the coast that has water parks, museums and bowling alleys  among other activities for children and adults. It is a 5 Km long beach so it never feels crowded. There are plenty of restaurants to visit and you can buy a domestic beer for less than £1.

Chania in Greece, is a beautiful 14th century port with colourful shops and waterfront restaurants, it has an interesting archaeological museum that hosts antiquities recovered from the region of western Crete. It is a small city with lots of history and things to do. Being in Chania, will allow families to visit other island near Create and enjoy from all the beauty of the Greek sea and the amazing food.

For only £2,007 a family could go to the Antalya Coast in Turkey for a week. This is the most affordable destination of the ranking, with flights and a 4 star hotel booking starting at £362. Here, you can enjoy from a fabulous mix of great beaches and traditional Turkish culture. Kids will love the Beach Park, which features Aqua Land (a waterslide-fanatic's dream) and Dolphin Land.

In the other side of the list is Algarve in Portugal, very popular a few years ago but it has gone quite probably to its costs. For £2755 you could enjoy for a full week including all your expenses and enjoy of breath taking cliffs, golden beaches and hidden islands . The Parque Natural Da Ria Famosa is a firm family favourite.
Casablanca in Morocco has also been featured in our guide. Although it could be a very popular destination for younger people, there is not well-known for its options for families. With large history, this destination combines great middle eastern food, cheeky camels and beautiful beaches, and Pescara in Italy, both below £2,500, as well as St Paul’s Bay in Malta for £2,564.         All these destinations offer quiet beaches, and endless sports and cultural activities for children.

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