Family Dog Killed Mother And Son In Germany

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A family in Hanover, Germany was found dead, apparently killed by their Staffordshire terrier. The family dog killed mother and son, just 52 and 27 years old.

The daughter contacted the police after she failed to get in touch with either her mother or brother. She then called the authorities after spotting the bloodied corpses through a window.

Firefighters broke down the door of the apartment and captured the dog using a sling.

After firefighters captured the dog, the authorities declared the dog killed mother and son. The Hanover police issued a statement reading, “Initial examinations by a coroner suggest the 52-year-old woman and her 27-year-old son were killed by the dog.”

Police are unsure how or why a family dog killed mother and son, “It currently remains unclear how the accident could come about.”

A few years ago, laws changed in Germany which require residents to obtain a dog holding license before purchasing a dog, called a Hundeführerschein. Potential owners must pass a theoretical and practical test before being allowed to purchase a dog. The license was meant to reduce to number of injuries and deaths caused by dogs.

Are Staffordshire Terriers Dangerous?

Staffordshire terriers are related to pitbulls and were originally bred as fighting dogs in 19th century Britain. However, in the past hundred years they have been bred to be much more gentle and are one of the most popular dog breeds in Europe, especially in the UK where they are the third most popular breed overall. Staffordshire aficionados report the breed is loyal, affectionate, and good with children.

Canine experts claim the issue of violent dogs is less related to breed and more about the specific dog in question. There are a number of reasons why a normally gentle dog may become violent. When dogs are sick or injured, they often respond with aggression or violence to other animals and even their owners. Brain tumors and rabies specifically have been known to cause violent outbursts in dogs. Like pit bulls, Staffordshire terriers have high pain tolerances, which means an illness or injury may go unnoticed by owners until it has become severe.

Many dogs become aggressive when they are afraid. This fear could be learned behavior from a past of abuse or be in response to stimuli, like the doorbell. Frustration is another form of aggression commonly seen in dogs. If a dog is in a frustrating situation, restrained in the backyard for hours everyday or confined to small space and unable to exercise, for example, the frustration may grow over time until the canine becomes violent. When it comes to large athletic breeds like the Staffordshire terrier, it’s important that the canine gets plenty of exercise, outdoor time, and mental stimulation.

Dogs are also known to become violent when they are trying to assert their dominance. Usually, this behavior occurs between dogs in the same household, but dogs may even have dominance issues with their owners. Having male dogs neutered can help prevent this aggressive behavior.

Police are yet unsure how or why the family dog killed mother and son, but an investigation is ongoing.

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