YouTubers Gaining Millions Of Views By Showing Fake GTA 6 Videos

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Fake GTA 6 videos are doing the rounds on YouTube and have now gained over 23 million views, which is almost twice the views of the official GTA 5 trailer on Rockstar’s YouTube channel, notes Kotaku. A YouTube channel called Sonymouse uploaded gameplay from Driver: San Francisco, making people believe that it is GTA 6.

GTA 6 not coming anytime soon

Fans are eagerly waiting for the next game in the GTA franchise to succeed GTA V, and YouTubers are just cashing in on the opportunity to garner a large number of views on their channels. Though this is not a new thing, it is one of the most eye-catching ones. Just a couple of months ago, a Reddit user posted a fake picture of GTA 6, claiming it to be for the PS2. However, it was not difficult to find out it was fake.

The Grand Theft bootleg phenomenon has been happening around the globe, along the same time when fifth game in the series is still riding high with some of the best modifications in the game, like the one that enables players to explore Liberty City on the new graphics engine. GTA V has hit over 80 million units in sales, publisher Take-Two reported a few weeks ago. The company said in its fourth quarter and full-year earnings report that the game had sold another 5 million units since the last earnings release in February, totaling 80 million since September 2013.

What are Rockstar’s plans?

With GTA V riding high on success, the reason for the rumors around GTA VI is obvious. But according to Grand Theft Auto, a site dedicated to all GTA-related developments, there is no way GTA 6 will be released this year.

Although Rockstar North, creator of Grand Theft Auto, remains tight-lipped about any development on GTA VI, Leslie Benzies, an employee of the company, did mention that the next game will be released in or around 2020, without divulging any further information. According to Tech Radar, Rockstar has not released any trailer for the game, and there is quite a good reason for that. There have been reports that the next GTA game will focus on the entire United States rather than just one city.

However, the game is still in the early stages of development, and therefore, no rumors should be believed. There will be some delay for sure because to create a whole country in a game requires a lot of effort. There will not be a virtual replica of the entire country the player could navigate through, but rather, just a list of cities to move from. Rockstar might do it like Ubisoft’s Crew, in which players can drive around the country in about an hour and half of play time.

Further, there have been reports claiming that Rockstar might be preparing to launch spin-offs of GTA with the previous titles before releasing the next game. Previously, the gaming company launched spin-offs for its original games. According to IGN, the gaming company could come up with a video game in which the content take cues from the mysterious things seen in the fifth title.

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