Little Known Facts About YouTube In 2017

Little Known Facts About YouTube In 2017

The Origins

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s the landscape of the Internet was completely different than it is today and only a few visionaries could anticipate the direction in which this landscape would change. Two former PayPal employees developed the idea for a video sharing website after they encountered a problem sharing a video from a dinner party they both attended. Their small idea grew to be the second largest search engine on the Internet in 2015 and the second largest website with 1.5 billion active monthly users in 2017.

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Top Earners on YouTube in 2017

At the time when was registered, sharing videos was not an easy task, as a matter of fact, it was a nearly impossible task that took a significant amount of effort and time. YouTube has stood at the forefront of the video-sharing revolution for twelve years and it has always been among the pioneers of the latest video technologies that improved the image-quality of the content uploaded to this website or any other video sharing platform.

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Cutting-edge video technologies and YouTube

Digital, Compact, and DSLR cameras are developing at an astounding rate, and the quality of digital images has dramatically improved in just a few short years. 50 MP cameras that can shoot in 4K or at enormous ISO values are becoming more often, but creating a video that no online video platform can support doesn’t bode well for the video’s availability to the online community.

YouTube has been aware of the need to support the latest video formats, and the platform’s ability to evolve with the times has largely contributed to the status this website enjoys at the moment. As early as November 2009, YouTube started offering support for videos shot in 1080P HD resolution, a cutting-edge feature at the time. Six years later, on March 2015, this platform became one of the first to support the upload of VR 360 videos and on November 2016, YouTube became one of the pioneers of 4K live streaming. Each of these upgrades enabled a considerable amount of people to start earning their living through videos they posted on the world’s best-known video sharing platform.

Top Earners on YouTube in 2017

Top Earners on YouTube in 2017

Viral videos that reach millions of people can prove to be quite profitable, and  YouTubers who share their video content can earn a substantial amounts of money. In 2017, the Swedish comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his alias PewDiePie made $15 million, while American YouTuber and Vlogger Roman Atwood grossed $8 million. In addition, six more YouTube superstars made over $3 million in a year, which proves that YouTube can be used to create significant amounts of money and followers.

Get more facts about YouTube from the following Latest YouTube Statistics Infographic, which is designed by Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a powerful editing tool, which is easy to use yet powerful enough to make your video looks professional. If you are looking a video editor for YouTube, do not miss the ultimate guide to YouTube video editing tools 2017.

Little Known Facts About YouTube In 2017

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