Facebook’s New Generation Of Ads

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Facebook's New Generation Of Ads

Marketers and journalists were invited by Facebook for a meeting at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Facebook is trying to integrate ads into people’s life and experiences, ads will mutate on the website.

Facebook unveiled new advertising offerings that will help the biggest brands of the world to spread their message on the biggest online social network.

Users Facebook page will change looks on March 30th, with the new Timeline format. But another important change is that this will include Timeline for brands. Today Walmart’s Timeline was available, and it started with the date when the first store was opened in 1964.

Facebook has been working on pushing users to switch to the new look, this one highlights photos and posts from the entire Facebook history of the user.

Facebook executive’s vision is to move ads to the stories, in this way messages and posts from the brands will be integrated into the users’ news feeds, instead of being on the right side of the site. This is only for the users that are “fans” of the brand, meaning that they clicked “Liked” on the brand.

Another format of Log-out ads or stories, are one of the new products for the advertisers that were announced on the conference.

The log-out ads will go live in April. Mike Hoefflinger, Director of Customer Marketing at Facebook said: “The ads will reach the 37 million people who log out of Facebook every day.”

Customers and advertisers will have a relationship far from just advertising  into storytellingThe better metrics are proof, the company contends, that consumers and advertisers are evolving their symbiotic relationship beyond advertising and into a tale. “(Fans) will engage more with you, are going to like you more and create little stories on top of your stories.”

Let’s see how users react to their timeline and the brand’s timeline.

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