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As we look forward to a new year, there’s always a little pang of nostalgia when saying farewell to 365 days of memories: Facebook is once again letting users share their most memorable moments of 2016 with its “Year in Review” feature. A lot of users on Facebook have already begun to share their Year in Review 2016 videos even though nearly a month is left for this year (2016) to end.

The Facebook tool (like previous year) suggests up to 10 pictures, but you can replace them with other pictures you were tagged in or uploaded over the year i.e. Facebook allow its users to edit their “Year in Review” before it’s published. You can also adjust the privacy settings to specify who sees your ‘Year In Review Video’ upon sharing, or keep it private altogether. Once published, users can always go back to the “Year in Review” page and change the selection of photos again.

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If you do not see your Year in Review 2016 video, here’s how you can request Facebook to create one for you:

How can I get my Year in Review 2016 video?

Your Year in Review is a collection of photos from your most significant moments this year. These moments can include both photos that you uploaded and photos you’re tagged in.

Your Year in Review 2016 video will appear in your News Feed. You can also see your Year in Review by visiting or by clicking a friend’s Year in Review, scrolling down and clicking “Watch Yours” Year in Review. Only you can see your Year in Review, unless you choose to share it.

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To share your Year in Review:

  • Go to
  • Click Share
  • Add an optional update and select an audience for the post
  • Click Post

Here’s my #yearinreview2016 video (give a thumbs up).

Sheeraz, we made a video for you to look back at some moments from 2016. From all of us at Facebook, we hope you enjoy it.

UPDATE 12/9/2016 – 15:50 EST – Here is Facebook’s response to those users who are facing problem in creating their year in review 2016 video.

Facebook year in review 2016 help

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