Facebook Verified Pages And Profiles Announced

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Facebook Verified Pages and Profiles feature has been announced by the social networking giant. The feature is designed to help users be able to more easily locate the actual accounts belonging to celebrities and other high profile people and businesses on the social network.

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Details On Facebook Verified Pages

According to the announcement, users will recognize Verified Pages by the small blue checkmark which appears next to the name. The checkmark will show up on the timeline, in search results and in most other places where the page is named on Facebook.

At this point, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said Verified Pages will belong to “a small group of prominent public figures,” such as popular celebrities, journalists, businesses, brands and government officials. The social network also said that over time, the update will roll out to profiles also.

What’s Missing From Facebook’s New Feature

One thing that’s noticeably missing is any description of the verification process Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will use to ensure that pages really do belong to those whose popular names they bear. Users apparently can’t ask to have their identity verified, either. If the social network believes that it’s necessary to ask for verification of the user’s identity, then it will ask for it.

The new Verified Pages are somewhat similar to the identity verification feature on Twitter. The checkmark even looks a lot like the checkmark Twitter uses to mark accounts that have been verified as belonging to celebrities or well-known people.

Facebook’s Previous Verification Feature

TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington reminds us that Facebook did have a different kind of verification feature in the past. In February of last year, it enabled people to verify their Facebook account using a valid ID. The feature could be used for those who wanted to utilize nicknames, like celebrities who use stage names. However, that feature didn’t have any kind of public display on the Facebook pages like these new blue checkmarks.

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