Facebook Stories For Desktop Has Entered The Rollout Phase

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We heard last month that Facebook Stories for Desktop was being tested, and now it looks like the feature is available to even more users. Facebook users in multiple countries are reporting that they see the disappearing posts on their desktops.

Facebook Stories for Desktop may be available to all

Initially, it looked like all or most users had access to Facebook Stories for Desktop. ValueWalk contacted the social media company for confirmation that the feature had become available to all users, but at this time, the company will only confirm that Facebook Stories for Desktop is indeed being rolled out to everyone. It sounds like the tests are complete and one day soon, all users will see it.

“We’re introducing the option to view Stories on desktop, so you don’t miss Stories your friends share on Facebook,” a spokesperson for the company told ValueWalk in an email.

If you do have access to the feature on your browser, you will see it in the top-right corner of your main News Feed. It seems to have bumped events and the Trending Topics feature down a bit on the main page. Whenever a friend or public figure you follow posts a Story, their picture will appear in one of the circles under the Facebook Stories section. When you click on their picture under the Stories section, the photo they posted using the feature pops up and darkens the rest of the page until viewing is done.

facebook stories for desktop
Image: Sheeraz Raza / Facebook


What is Facebook Stories?

Previously, Facebook Stories was reserved only for mobile devices, so those who use Facebook on a browser didn’t see the posts or create their own Stories. The social network said last month that it was testing Facebook Stories for Desktop, so it sounds like it has now moved from the testing phase to the gradual roll-out phase.

Facebook Stories are posts that disappear after 24 hours. They’re essentially a clone of Snapchat’s main feature, especially since Facebook added its Camera feature that lets mobile users add augmented reality effects to their photos. The social media firm launched the Stories feature earlier this year following the successful debut of Instagram stories on its photo-sharing platform, and even though it’s very similar to Snapchat, it has taken off. Facebook said in April that Instagram Stories had more than 200 million daily users.

If you don’t see Facebook Stories for Desktop yet, there’s no need to worry because the company does apparently plan to offer it to everyone. Facebook seems to be rolling it out gradually, so there may still be some browser users who aren’t seeing Stories yet. The much wider availability we’re seeing, including among international users, suggests that those who aren’t seeing the feature on their Desktops yet may not have much longer to wait.

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