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F8 Conference: Facebook Inc (FB) Login Gets New Privacy Features

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is taking back a bit of control regarding the privacy of its users on third party websites and mobile apps. Today at the social network’s F8 conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced their planned changes, which should start appearing on websites and mobile apps at some point over the next year.

F8 Conference: Facebook Inc (FB) Login Gets New Privacy Features

Changes planned for Facebook Login

Facebook Login is the feature websites and mobile apps integrate which enables users to log into them using their Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) account. Currently, the developers decide how much information they want to collect from these users. That can include personal email addresses, friend lists and other data.

However, Zuckerberg said that Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is giving more control to users. They will be able to check or uncheck boxes to decide how much information they want to share. For example, they can tell third party apps and websites that they don’t want to share their friend list, their “Likes,” birth date, or other pieces of information.

In addition, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is adding an anonymous login which allows users to log in to these third party websites and apps without sharing any of their personal information. Developers will be able to decide whether to offer the anonymous login as an option, either with the traditional login or instead of it.

Some Facebook users concerned about social login

Zuckerberg said in the F8 keynote speech that they understand many users are afraid of clicking the social login button, particularly if they’re using an app they don’t totally trust. Social login is a related feature which allows Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to collect more personal information about users. The social network can get a feeling for their habits while browsing, which mobile apps they use, and their shopping preferences. Social login is a more general term than Facebook Login, which makes up a little half of all social logins. Google+ makes up nearly a third of it.

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