Facebook Inc (FB) Users Targeted By Phishing Scheme

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Facebook page administrators are being targeted by a new phishing scheme, according to AllFacebook. The site was one of those targeted by the scheme, and it wrote up a post to warn other administrators about the phishing scheme.

Message received in Facebook admin panel

According to the site, they received a message directed to AllFacebook in their admin panel on Facebook. They specifically said that it wasn’t directed to any of the individuals who are listed as being administrators of their page.

The site said the reason they realized it was a phishing scam was because the message’s sender was listed as “Page,” which would mean that there’s a Facebook page called “Page.” If it was a real message, it would be from Facebook Security. Also the phisher’s poor English skills probably gave it away. The person referred to himself as “Security the Facebook Team.”

Facebook “Page” doesn’t look real

According to AllFacebook, they visited the page of the scammer, and it doesn’t look real. It did say that they were using the social network in Bahasa, Indonesia. Right after receiving the message, they reported it to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The note claimed, as many other phishing notes to users of the network in the past have, that the user’s account would be disabled in 12 hours if they don’t click on the link to reconfirm their account. It also claims that their account was reported as violating “the policies that are considered annoying or insulting Facebook users.”

Recognizing real messages from Facebook

At this point it is unclear whether Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has neutralized the threat. However, should you receive a message like this in your inbox on the social network, just report it to the company and delete it. Don’t click on the link.


If you’re ever unsure about a message and whether it is authentically from the social network, check the spelling and grammar and also check to see where it’s from. One phishing scam earlier this year actually misspelled founder Mark Zuckerberg’s name.


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