Facebook Inc (FB) Reaches For More Advertising Revenue

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is taking steps to encourage page owners to buy more advertising. Large banners on the site encourage them to create holiday ads, or to complete an ad that they have started to create.

Facebook Inc (FB) Reaches For More Advertising Revenue

When users click on the banners, it takes them to the advertising dashboard, although it doesn’t make it obvious how page owners can create a holiday-specific ad. There’s also a link there that will guide page owners in creating a successful campaign on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), although that advice isn’t focused on holiday advertising either.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has created a special module to lure in potential advertisers who have started creating an ad but haven’t finished it. The module says, “Your Ad Is Almost Ready.” When page owners decide it’s time to finish their ad, a single click takes them to a summary page where they can look at the ad they’ve created and, as Facebook hopes, place an order. There’s also an option to make additional edits to the ad before publishing it.

The social media giant is also testing new mobile advertising features. The site is trying to make sponsored stories more visual by adding a larger photo to them. Sponsored stories are currently listed with a small photo, the name of the page and the words that “(one of your friend’s names) likes this.” The new photos Facebook is trying out look more like an ad than the photos the site was previously using.

All of these new tools are just some of the ways Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is trying to get more advertising revenue. They’ve also been honing their ad creation interface recently to make it easier to create ads. The addition of the Promote button has also been aimed at making Facebook ad campaigns look attractive to potential advertisers.

According to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), there are 11 million small businesses with pages on the site, and 7 million of them are active, while 3 million are posting at least once per week. Brittany Darwell at Inside Facebook speculates that if these page owners could be converted into advertisers for Facebook, the site could see its revenues increase greatly.

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