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Facebook Inc (FB) Earnings Positive Data Points Suggest Upside

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Facebook is scheduled to release its next earnings report on July 29, and analysts are expecting the social network to post earnings of 47 cents per share and $4 billion in revenue. But just how likely is Facebook to meet or beat those estimates?

It looks like the company is in a strong position as a new set of data indicates that ad click-through rates and video ad spend on the social network hit a new high.

Facebook video ad share on the rise

Advertising automation software service Nanigans gave ValueWalk a sneak preview of its latest report. The firm said that during the second quarter, video ads continued to make up more of total ad spend on Facebook compared to past quarters.

Video ads were 16% of the total ad spend on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in the quarter, compared to 13% in the previous quarter. It marks a 23% sequential share increase. In June alone, Nanigans reports that video ads had their highest share of ad spend ever through Nanigans at 22% of the total ad spend (All graphs in this article are courtesy Nangans.).

Looking specifically at mobile videos, the firm reports that 21% of total global mobile ad spend when toward them during the second quarter. In the previous quarter, 15% of total mobile ad spend went to mobile video ads. Gaming advertises are especially into mobile video advertising, as mobile videos caught a stunning 36% of mobile spend among them compared to just 19% in the previous quarter.

Facebook click-through rates soar

The second quarter also marked the fifth one in a row in which click-through rates on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) set a new record high, hitting 0.88%.

Facebook Chart

However, cost-per-click declined, according to Nanigans’ data, falling from 53 cents in the previous quarter to 46 cents in the second quarter. The firm reports that this was the lowest level seen since the fourth quarter of 2013.


Nanigans suggests that this could be at least partially because of an increase in international advertising on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). In most cases, these ads are less expensive than U.S. ads, and the firm found that international ads increased their share of ad activity among its customers during the second quarter.

The firm also notes that while click-through rates continue to rise and cost per action falling, advertisers are seeing their return on investment from Facebook ads continue to grow.

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