Facebook Inc (FB) Addresses Users’ Privacy Concerns

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Facebook Inc (FB) Addresses Users’ Privacy Concerns

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has addressed the concerns raised on the heels of the site’s latest governance changes, which users were not able to block during the week of voting held on those changes. The company has been under fire recently for several privacy issues, including this latest one, so now it is making greater strides to educate users about the privacy settings it has made available.

As ValueWalk reported on Monday, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) closed voting on its recent set of changes, which included nixing users’ right to vote on future changes and enabling the social media giant to share more of its users’ information with its partners. Although the majority of voters who cast their ballots voted against these changes, the vote was non-binding because at least 30 percent of the site’s users had to vote. Less than 1 percent of Facebook’s 1 billion users did.

Today Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) executives are addressing concerns about the site’s decision to share its users’ information with its partners. The site will launch a new feature called “Ask The Chief Privacy Officer.” That feature makes it possible for the social networking site’s users to ask specific questions directly to the executive who handles their personal information. Facebook also plans to host podcasts and webcasts in the feature so that users can learn more about how to use the site’s privacy settings.

As The Globe And Mail points out, this new “Ask The Chief Privacy Officer” feature is a similar an initiative to one being used by McDonald’s in Canada. That feature lets customers ask various questions through social media. The answers are then posted on the chain’s website.

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