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Facebook: Create Interest Lists Rather Than Clicking Likes

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Your Facebook news feed is usually cluttered with images and status updates from pages, rather than from friends. Different companies nowadays are so active on social media that they will publish status update frequently, which in turn will just make you scroll more. But the mess doesn’t stops here, Facebook also attaches your name to its ads, so that your friends too, can like that page. Your friends will think that if you have liked that page, then they should too, which means Facebook uses your name to promote a page.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. As explained above, all the problems start when you click on that “Like” button, so the solution would be “not to Like them”; but instead, add those pages to your interest lists. Let us take a closer look at how to do this.

When you visit a page, instead of clicking on the Like button, click on the small cog icon next to it. Then, click on “Add to Interest Lists.”


If you haven’t created any interest list yet, then click on “New List.” You’ll now be able to see a pop-up window which will guide through the process of creating a new list.


In this wizard, the page will be selected by default. Click on Next and then you will be able to give a name to the list. In addition, you can make your Interest lists as Public (anyone can see and subscribe), Friends (only your friends can see it) or Only Me (only you can see it). If you’re the one who wants to keep it private, for your eyes only then select the Only Me option and then click on “Done”.


Likewise, add all the pages of your interest to your list. Once you are done, you’ll find the Interest list shortcut on the left sidebar of Facebook. Just click on your Interest list and you’ll find updates of all the pages in here. These lists can also be accessed from mobile app of Facebook.


That is how you can create Interest Lists on Facebook. It can help you to clean up the clutter from your regular news feed page, and help you to organize things as per your interest. For example, you can create different lists for tech, entertainment and various other hobbies. Do try it out.

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