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How to Set Reminders for Notes on Evernote

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Evernote is an amazing app that can help you get your life organized. The app is available for many different platforms which means you can create and sync notes from just about any device. The good news is that Evernote now allows users to set reminders on notes. According to Evernote, “Reminders are one of the most requested feature of all time.” Once the reminder is set, users can then receive email alerts for reminders, as well as get notification center alerts for OS X, iOS and Android.

Evernote Reminders

Reminders are available on Mac, iOS, Web, Android and Windows Phone platforms. Here’s how to set a reminder in Evernote.

To add a reminder to a note, simply tap on the alarm clock icon located at the top of the note on Mac and Web, and at the bottom of the note on iPhone and iPad. Android users can tap on the alarm clock icon from the bottom left section of the notes.


Once you do this, you can then set a date and time so that this app can alert you at that specified date and time.


Evernote will also ask you if you want to receive an email reminder as well. This means that Evernote will remind you with an email on the day the notes are due.


Notes with reminders set are highly visible and grouped together. They will show at the top of your notes list with their due dates. You can always drag notes in this box to reorder them, any way you like.

In OS X, the reminder is sent through Notification Center, and you can then review reminders or dismiss them like any other notification. On iOS the notification will appear just like any other iOS alert, and you can dismiss it right away. You can always tap on the reminder to edit, mark as done or clear it. From Settings of the iOS app, you can change your time zone and select when you want you want to receive the email.

Reminders, like every other feature of Evernote sync across several versions of Evernote, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Evernote Web. Do try out and set your first reminder on Evernote right now.

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