How To: Enable Or Disable Auto Screen Rotation On Android

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Auto screen rotation is a convenient feature for some, while some hate it. Usually this option is loved by many people, but during certain times for example when you’re laying in bed, you have to constantly rotate your entire phone. It feels like you’re with war with your device. What an inconvenience during such times!

Average users would normally take a detailed look at each and every option on their Android smartphone or tablet, at times many people wonder if they’re able turn off screen rotation on their Android. Well, the good news is that turning off/on screen rotation is a matter of seconds and you don’t need to be an Android expert to do this.

While many people leave this option enabled by default, and never bother to disable it, it just doesn’t make sense. If there’s an option, then you should enable or disable it as per your convenience.

How to turn off/on screen rotation on Android

The exact method may vary by devices, for example, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI has the option to enable or disable screen auto-rotation from the pull down menu. For other phones, simply follow the below method, which can be said as a universal method that will work with mostly all Android devices.

Head to Settings and tap on Display. Here, you’ll find an option for Auto-rotate screen, and that’s what we’re looking for. Uncheck it to disable auto-screen rotation, or check it to enable auto-screen rotation. Well, that wasn’t hard was it?

Once disabled, no matter which app you use, your screen won’t auto-rotate. Alternatively, there are some widget apps that you can install from the Play Store which will add widgets which will enable and disable screen rotation.

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