Employee appreciating gifts during the COVID-19

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With more and more companies switching to work from home schedules, everyone is adjusting to a new reality. To make employees feel more comfortable to convert their homes into offices and meet their deadlines, companies should offer them a small boost in the form of a goodie bag or another corporate gift.

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Companies that also value their employees and partners can offer presents on birthdays and special occasions. Still, with the workers away from the office, it's more complicated than ever to buy a gift. For companies that want to retain employees during the pandemic, sending goodie bags at home is a creative idea. It allows them to get creative with the way they attract new employees and show their gratitude towards employees who are struggling to complete their tasks in a challenging situation. Many of the ones who had to switch from an office to work from home are facing unique difficulties, like juggling between household responsibilities, meeting deadlines, and caring for their children.

Here are some ideas of gifts companies can send to their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help them upgrade their home office

To see your employees succeed in their remote work, ensure they have all the tools needed to complete their job. Before switching to remote work, ask your employees if they have space where they can comfortably work. Provide them with funds to purchase a desk, a chair, and even a laptop if they don't have one.

If all your employees have fully-equipped home offices, you can send them a box with office essentials like a notebook, a heating mug, earbuds, and a wireless power bank stand kit.

Encourage them to indulge in personal time

Scheduling personal time when working from home is more than challenging because some people have to complete all activities in one or two rooms. They sleep, work and entertain in the same bedroom. So, how can they detach from daily stress and the overwhelming feeling they are trapped in their own houses? Companies can help their workers indulge some personal time if they provide them with a comfort kit that includes a yoga mat, a scented candle, a subscription to online fitness classes, and books.

Bring them joy on their birthdays

If birthdays used to be a celebration at the office, nowadays people get to celebrate their special days alone or with their families at home. Employers can make their workers' days memorable by sending them flowers and sweets at home. A flower subscription guarantees that all employees receive flower arrangements on their birthdays. Adding a card to the flower arrangement makes the present more personal and impresses the receiver.

Help them keep their children entertained

For parents working from home, there's nothing more difficult than keeping their kids busy while they work. They are continually looking for fresh ideas on how to retain the children attention for long periods. An employer can send them some cool swag packs that include jump rope, colouring books, puzzle toys, and bubbles.