“Electric Boy” Can Withstand Shocks Of Up To 11,000 Volts

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Deepak Jangra discovered his strange talent while he was fixing a portable heater for his mother.

The helpful student touched the live wire with his screwdriver and was surprised that he felt nothing, and assumed that the power supply to his remote Indian village was down. It was only when a similar thing happened again two weeks later that he realized he might have abnormal earthing properties.

The dangers of electricity

In normal people electric shocks can be fatal, causing heart failure, stopping breathing and causing muscle spasms. A voltage causes a current to flow through the body, which is responsible for blocking electrical signals between the brain and the muscles.

There is a reason why the electric chair used to be used as an execution method. Murderer William Kemmler was the first man to be killed by the chair, and authorities used a voltage of around 1,000 volts to punish him for his crime.

Deepak’s capabilities go way beyond the 1,000 volt mark. “I could cope with 110 volts, 240 volts, 440 volts and my curiosity kept on growing. I wanted to know more and more. How much I could actually cope with?”

One day he took on the ultimate test, climbing to touch the 11,000 volt wire that provides electricity to his entire village. Worried neighbors were soon gathered around the foot of the pole, thinking that Deepak was attempting suicide.

Electric boy: Medical marvel

Despite their concern he descended unscathed, to the bemusement of doctors, who discovered nothing abnormal during tests. Deepak now offers his services as a repairman for free around the village, because he doesn’t want to profit from his unique talent.

The teenager maintains that he has never suffered any injuries during his activities, except for burning his fingertips if he holds live wires for too long. However experts have implored other people not to copy Deepak’s stunts, which should by rights have killed him by now.

Emma Apter from Electrical Safety First said: “Electricity has the potential to kill or seriously injure anyone unfortunate enough to come in to contact with it, so it is baffling that someone would voluntarily put themselves at such risk.”

It would appear that Deepak has a strong appetite for risk, but I do hope that he continues to use his strange gift to help his community before disaster strikes.

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