Investors See U.S. Electoral Process As Too Long And Divisive

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Investors See U.S. Electoral Process As Too Long And Divisive According To New Spectrem Group Research.

CHICAGO, IL (February 1, 2016) –With the 2016 Presidential election formally kicking off today as Iowa voters head to caucus,

The Investor Pulse report, part of an on-going monthly survey of approximately 1,200 investors’ attitudes towards topical issues, also found that older investors are the least satisfied with the current election process. Respondents 61 and over agreed the most with statements that the political status quo is too long and divisive, that debates start too early and that the entire process includes too many debates, too many commercials and too many candidates. Conversely, investors under 40 were more likely to agree that there aren’t enough debates and that they like the current process.

Survey on the U.S. electoral process

More than a third of respondents (36 percent) said they believe formal political campaigns (debates, commercials, etc.) shouldn’t begin until January 1st of the year in which the election occurs. Another 31% would like the process to begin even later than that. Only 12% of those surveyed believe the current system is satisfactory.

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Political engagement was high among those surveyed, with more than eight out of 10 (82 percent) of investors saying they intend to vote in upcoming primaries or caucuses in their respective states, with Republicans slightly outpacing Democrats in this regard. Independents lagged behind the partisan respondents in their plans to vote in primaries, but led the category that said they would vote only in the general election this November.

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Investor Pulse from Spectrem’s Millionaire Corner is a survey conducted through an online panel each month. Approximately 1,200 investors from specifically targeted wealth segments respond. The survey is completed by the person primarily responsible for making the day-to-day financial decisions within the household. Respondents are asked an evolving set of questions regarding interesting topical issues. The resulting research is analyzed and segmented by age, gender, household net worth, retirement plan ownership, occupation, investment risk tolerance, marital status, investment knowledge, household income and political party.

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