Election Race Dictates Financial Markets: Analysis & Comic

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After a week of more controversy in the U.S. presidential election race, please find below an analysis of how global financial markets are responding from Investing.com’s Senior Analyst, Clement Thibault and a comic to accompany any coverage you might provide.

“Global financial markets were rattled this week by signs the U.S. presidential election race was tightening with less than a week before the November 8 vote.”

“The U.S. dollar, Mexican peso and other risk-sensitive assets collapsed, while safe-havens such as the yen and gold rallied, as the possibility of a victory for Donald Trump in next week’s presidential election spooked markets.”

“Many investors have been betting on a victory for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but last week’s announcement that the FBI is to review more emails related to her private email use while she was Secretary of State cast fresh uncertainty onto the race.”

“Market players have tended to see Clinton as the candidate of the status quo, while there is greater uncertainty over what a Trump victory might mean for U.S. foreign policy, international trade deals and the domestic economy.”


Credit: Investing.com
Trump gains momentum with less than a week before the election as FBI probes Hillary’s emails.


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