Egypt’s Free Media Zone Urges Foreign Channels ‘To Stick To Accuracy’

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The Egypt’s Free Media Zone held a meeting on Sunday and issued a statement in which it described some foreign news channels’ coverage an “aggressive campaign”. (Also see: Egypt Latest News: Masked Militants Kills 25 Egyptian Police In Sinai)

Egypt's Free Media Zone Urges Foreign Channels 'To Stick To Accuracy'

Egypt’s Free Media Zone urged other channels to stick to accuracy

It urged other foreign and local channels to stick to accuracy and work under regulations in order to avoid legal violation. The Egypt’s Free Media Zone, affiliated with the Ministry of Investment, urged during the meeting with news industry makers for sticking to accuracy, objectivity and professionalism during their coverage of the current situation in Egypt.

This statement comes after the media zone detected a number of violations during the current coverage in Egypt. The call came from several ministries in order to save, according to their speeches, “national security and stability”.

Issue discussed during a meeting amongst Egypt’s ministers

The issue was discussed during a meeting attended by Egypt’s Minister of Investment Osama Saleh, Minister of Information Doria Sharaf Eddin, Minister of Communications Atef Helmy, and Minister of Local Development Hani Mahmoud, as well as representatives from Free Media Zone.

During the meeting, Egypt’s Abdul Moneim el-Alfy, deputy chairman of the General Authority for Free Trade and Investment (GAFI) and board director of the Free Media Zone, said that satellite news network Al Jazeera Mubasher did not obtain an official license that allows its coverage outside the media zone.

Al Jazeera’s coverage was seen biased in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, which ruled the country until the ouster of Mohamed Morsi by the military.

Egypt’s political situation made the coverage sensitive

Coverage became sensitive after the political situation in Egypt escalated due to the tension and the increasing number of casualties of several clashes in a number of Egyptian provinces.

During the meeting, el-Alfy noted that Al Jazeera channels do not have any ties with the Free Media Zone but they have an office that has a license from the ministry, allowing it to assist the mother company only within the area of the zone.

“If the channel wants coverage outside the media zone, which is located in the 6th of October city, it must get a license from concerned bodies, like the Radio and TV Union and the Information Authority and Communications Regulatory Center,” he said.

If the channel violates this, it will be a clear infringement on the regulations it should work under, el-Alfy said.

Authorities arrest three Brothers in Assiut

Security forces arrested three Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Assiut early on Monday in light of a nationwide crackdown on supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt.

Egypt’s authorities raided the residences of the three suspects during the early hours of Monday and accused them of inciting of violence, murdering peaceful protesters and funding terrorist groups in the province.

The arrested suspects were Mohamed Muqbel, a leading member in the guidance office of the Brotherhood, Assam al-Kamel, the head of the Teachers Syndicate and Doctor Abdullah Mohamed.

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