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Edward Snowden To Leave Russian Airport

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Numerous reports are suggesting that NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden will be leaving the “sterile-zone” in Russia’s Sheremetyevo airport imminently. Both Russian news agencies Ria Novosti and Interfax have both claimed that Edward Snowden has received the necessary paperwork that would allow him to leave the airport for the first time since June 23. The comfort level and amenities that Snowden has enjoyed has been largely hidden and subject of much speculation.

Edward Snowden To Leave Russian Airport

However, the BBC and others are reporting that in addition to being allowed to leave the airport, Edward Snowden will be given new clothing suggesting that he’s grown a little ripe over the last month. I mean if that’s on offer, expect a number of whistle-blowers to come forward in order to be the first to see Armani’s fall line, a favorite of Russian gangsters and oligarchs.

Decision To Grant Edward Snowden Papers Nothing To Do With Putin

The decision to grant these papers to Edward Snowden while he awaits his temporary asylum application came down to the decision of Russia’s Federal Migration Service, and officials have maintained that it is wholly their decision and has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin. For what’s that worth, they also were offering reporters a chance to purchase the Brooklyn Bridge. Putin has maintained that he will not hand over the whistle-blower turned traitor according to the United States Department of Justice who wishes to charge him with espionage but has issued a moratorium to Edward Snowden on the release of further classified information.

Edward Snowden needs temporary asylum to be granted in order to receive the travel documents necessary to seek a more permanent asylum destination. The U.S has voided his passport and until he can clear this up he won’t be able to fly to any of the countries that have offered him asylum: Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Mr Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena arrived at the airport earlier, telling reporters only that he was going to see his client. As mentioned above, he apparently needs only to follow his nose.

Edward Snowden Has An “Insurance Policy”

It’s believed that Edward Snowden has an “insurance policy” in place to avoid arrest, but at this point what that might entail is anyone’s guess.

In addition to the domestic spying that Edward Snowden leaked it’s also believed that the U.S has been spying on Latin American leaders and businesses, EU offices, and diplomatic missions. Something that can only be described as “what spies do.”

(Breaking: Reuters is now reporting that Edward Snowden will stay in the airport for now according to his lawyer.)


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