Promo Codes: New european ambitious startup enters UK and global market of discounts in e-commerce

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Discount codes are a unique tool worldwide for internet users who want to save money on online purchases.

Promotional codes, a driving force for online e-commerce.

eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, Groupon are the main e-commerce sites in the world where you can use promotional codes.

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According to statistics from the website, the Retail E-commerce web sales worldwide will double from 2019 to 2023 with a fork that will go from $ 3,535 trillions to $ 6,542 trillions.

The market is therefore not saturated and in great expansion, so the use of discount codes during the purchase will be greater between three years than today.

At the moment China and the United States continue to be the leaders of the global ecommerce market, representing about 70% of the pie with a +24% increase compared to the last year. The Asia-Pacific area remains the largest global ecommerce market, led by China, which confirms to be the largest ecommerce market in the world - the country produces about 83% of Asia-Pacific e-commerce direct sales alone.

As for the United Kingdom and Ireland there are more and more consumers who, in order to do shopping and take advantage of the opportunity to save money, purchase with the Discount Codes, whose use throughout Europe highlights a constantly growing trend.

Always more online companies offer promotional codes, even in the Central Europe.

According to these forecasts, a pan-european company wants to offer the best discount codes and promotions in one unique couponing website reachable from everywhere.

Founded by an italian entrepreneur and based in the heart of Europe in the charming romanian city of Timisoara, Promocodex International Srl offers a new product, a portal dealing with discount codes reachable at the address and a very useful APP that can be downloaded for Android and IOS on Google Play. is not a simple discount code site, but belongs to a network operating in many EU countries such us Italy, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and in Russia. The marketing strategy of this company expects that users can search for "worldwide" and “barrier-fre” promotional codes from around the world.

According to this marketing strategy, internet users can search for discount codes valid for the UK market (the 1st in Europe for turnover)  but also globally.This ambitious project can increase the number of internet surfers who want to save money on the main e-commerce websites. The target audience can be higher and also may include citizens residents in the United States, Australia, Africa, India, Middle East, Asia and all over the world.

What are discount codes?

A discount code is nothing more than a alphanumeric coupon consisting of letters and numbers that can be used when shopping. It must be entered before paying the amount due, and generally allows you to benefit from a lower overall expense. It must be said, in any case, that the types of discount vouchers that can be relied on are many:some guarantee a lower cost, other promotional codes can provide a free delivery (without shipping costs) and gifts.

How to choose discount codes

The real nature of the Discount Codes is also variable, in the sense that they can be exclusive or public, but also reserved to new customers. Then there are those with refund on orders and those that must be used within a certain period of time. It may happen that for the use of coupons it is necessary to comply with strict conditions and very specific terms, and this is also the reason why it is good to pay with the utmost attention to all the information reported.

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