eBooks Vs Physical Copies [INFOGRAPHIC]

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When was the last time you picked up a book? Was it a print book or electronic? There’s something to be said for browsing the bookstore looking for the perfect book to read. But then again there’s something to be said for getting the book you want instantly without having to wait for the mail or leave your house. Ebooks save time!

In the two years between 2008 and 2010 there were marked improvements made in ereaders. This skyrocketed ebook sales a whopping 1260% over that time period. Though ebooks were slated to overtake print books by 2015, that just hasn’t happened. There are a few simple reasons for this: print books are theft resistant, they don’t run out of power, and you can easily pass them on when you are done. There are still plenty of reasons to buy print books.

But the ease of buying ebooks and getting a new title right on your device as you lounge by the pool on vacation still has its allure. It’s also easy to get books in your native language no matter where you travel- try doing that in a book shop in Europe. It’s also a lot easier to take 100 books with you on an ereader than it is to take literally 100 books.

That said, print books aren’t likely to go anywhere any time soon. Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman sold 761k copies in its first 6 days on the shelf. Amazon is also selling a lot of adult coloring books these days- half of their best sellers in December of 2015 were adult coloring books. You just can’t get those on an ereader!

Learn more about the future of books from this infographic. While print books aren’t going anywhere any time soon, ebooks are sure giving them a run for their money!

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Are eBooks The Future Of Reading?

Are eBooks The Future Of Reading?

Infographic source: Blurb Blog

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