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eBay Inc Q2 2017 Earnings, Visa Inc Q3 2017 Earnings Released

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The eBay Q2 2017 earnings and Visa Q3 2017 earnings reports were released after closing bell tonight.

eBay reported earnings from continuing operations of 45 cents per share on $2.3 billion in sales, against the consensus estimates of 45 cents per share and $2.3 billion in revenue for the second quarter. In the same quarter a year ago, the online marketplace firm reported 43 cents per share in earnings. In the company’s first-quarter earnings report, eBay management provided an outlook of $2.28 billion to $2.32 billion in net revenues and earnings per share of 43 cents to 45 cents.

For its third fiscal quarter, Visa posted earnings of 86 cents per share on $4.57 billion in revenue, compared to the consensus estimates of 81 cents per share on $4.36 billion in revenue. In last year’s third quarter, the credit card services provider reported earnings of 17 cents per share on $4.48 billion in revenue.

eBay Q2 2017 earnings

eBay Q2 2017 earnings
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eBay’s GAAP earnings plunged 95% year over year to 2 cents per share from 38 cents in the year-ago quarter. The company requested this addition:

“Our Q2 GAAP EPS was impacted by a non-cash income tax charge of $311 million dollars. You’ll recall that we discussed on our Q4 ’16 earnings call that we began the process of realigning our legal structure in 2016.  This led to significant non-cash GAAP gains in both Q4 ‘16 and Q1 ‘17 as we previously disclosed.  The Q2 non-cash tax expense was also related to this process. The $311 million charge has no impact on eBay’s free cash flow or the company’s non-GAAP tax rate.”

Total gross merchandise volume rose 3% year over year to $21.5 billion, while Marketplace gross merchandise volume rose 3% to $20.5 billion. Marketplace revenue grew 4% to $1.9 billion. StubHub’s gross merchandise volume fell 5% to $1 billion, while its revenue rose 5% to $236 million. The company added 2 million active buyers across all its platforms, bringing the total number of active buyers to 171 million around the globe.

eBay management expects $2.35 billion to $2.39 billion in net revenues for the third quarter. They look for non-GAAP earnings of 46 cents to 48 cents per share and GAAP earnings of 30 cents to 32 cents per share. For the full year, they expect $9.3 billion to $9.5 billion in revenue, non-GAAP earnings of $1.98 to $2.03 per share, and GAAP earnings of $1.65 to $1.75 per share.

Following the eBay Q2 2017 earnings report, the online marketplace platform’s shares plunged in after-hours trades, falling by as much as 3.2% to $35.99.

Visa Q3 2017 earnings

Visa Q3 2017 earnings

Visa said payments volume grew 38% year over year to $1.9 trillion. Cross-border volume grew 147%. Total Visa processed transactions increased 44% to 28.5 billion. Services revenues increased 19% to $1.9 billion. Data processing revenues increased 29% to $2 billion, while international transaction revenues rose 45% to $1.6 billion.

For the full year, Visa management updated its full-year guidance. They now expect about a 20% increase in net revenues and client incentives as a percent of gross revenues to increase by 20% to 20.5%.

After the Visa Q3 2017 earnings report, the credit card services firm’s stock ticked higher, rising by as much as 0.8% to $98.89 in after-hours trading.

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