eBay Offering BlackBerry Priv At Just $380

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The BlackBerry Priv costs more than $600 if bought through official channels, but on the e-commerce website eBay, the device is available at a drastically reduced price of $380. QualityCellz, a top-rated eBay seller, is offering the device at just $379.99.

Huge discount on BlackBerry Priv

In comparison to the price that carriers and manufacturers are charging for the Priv, this represents a discount of over $200. In comparison to Amazon’s price for the device, the eBay price is $100 less. This is the lowest price at which a brand-new, unlocked version of the Priv is available.

eBay is offering a 32GB GSM version of the black BlackBerry Priv at $380. A GSM device will work with carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T but not with Verizon or Sprint. A nice addition at this price is a one-year factory warranty.

BlackBerry was hoping the Priv would be a huge commercial success, but this was not so. However, the handset ranks among the best available high-end smartphones currently available on the market. A large number of Android smartphones are available, but the Priv stands apart as it comes with a slide-out physical keyboard.

The BlackBerry Priv offers several strengths. It includes a security-focused Android implementation, gets timely security updates, delivers top-class performance and boasts a premium design and build quality.

More Android devices in pipeline

BlackBerry has been experiencing financial setbacks for the past several years, but this had no impact on CEO John Chen, who is still optimistic about its future in the handset business. Speaking to CNBC in a recent interview, Chen said he is very confident that the company will soon turn profitable.

With the intent of bouncing back in the hardware business, the Canadian firm is planning more Android-powered devices that come with improved designs and security features. In April, Tech Times claimed that the company will unveil two new Android-powered smartphones code-named “Hamburg” and “Rome.” Chen confirmed that the company is working on Android models that target the mid-tier mobile phone market.

“I think the key is could I get the business to make money, and I’m very close. I truly believe we’re going to be in the phone business, and a profitable one,” Chen said.

In April, BlackBerry published its year-end revenue report, recording a loss of $238 million. Chen said BlackBerry’s Q4 performance was “solid” overall and attributed the growth to the company’s progress in software development.

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