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Earn Your Standing As Office MVP

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Despite how close the game ended, nothing can replace Joe Flacco (quarterback for the Ravens) gleam of achievement after their 34-31 victory vs. the 49ers in this passing Super Bowl! Their win, coming after an intense first quarter and a blackout that put a damper on the momentum, was well earned and deserved. Nothing more satisfying, however, than the modest and humble reaction from the  6’5” New Jersey native, who was named the Game MVP (Most Valuable Player) after completing 22 of the 33 passes, totaling 287 yds and 3 touchdowns in the first half alone! Was it enough to motivate you too?

Earn Your Standing As Office MVP

Back in reality, the Superbowl may be over but the game of life is still on! Isn’t it about time that you start thinking about your own game plan? Learn how you can become the most valuable employee in your office or company. MVPs are highly motivated and trained individuals – hard working leaders – challenging opponents. Most importantly, MVPs are team players. This type of individuals are natural born stars that not only yearn for success, they go out and work for it.

Top Ways to Become The Office MVP

Strengthen Problem Solving Skills – Problems are bound to arise, however, learning how to collectively and accurately resolve them can give you a great advantage in the business world. Remember, it will always be easier to point the finger than to take charge and solve a problem. A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Office teams who know how to work together demonstrate higher production and morale rates. Next time you find yourself among an office quarrel or dispute, try presenting a few solutions before taking it to the big boss!

Maintain a Challenge – Leaders always look one step ahead to find the best solution. A common way to stay on top of these skills is to maintain and seek out new challenges that demonstrate your proactive approach to your work ethic and dedication. While your boss may not have noticed your talents before, separating yourself from the crowd will help you engage the attention of the higher-ups.

Be Proud Of Your Achievements  – Sometimes the concept of self-promoting can be mistaken for obnoxious bragging, leaving a good majority of people uncomfortable with the idea, however, a little bragging can be critical to career advancement when properly projected. In fact, even the best employee in the world will go unnoticed without a little bit of face nudging along the way – it’s just the business of business. MVPs can always generate new ideas that capture the attention of coaches and scouts. If you work hard consistently, why shouldn’t you be proud of your accomplishments? Being productive isn’t a crime, is it? Even in the business world, reminding management of your contributions can be welcomed to keep up with the fast paced industry and help you advance your career.

Say What You Mean. Do What You Say – The easiest way to get to someone is to keep your word by any and all means. Business enemies have a tendency to focus on your weaknesses such as the lack to follow through with commitments, even if just once! Building a reliable and bonded trust with both your co-workers and higher ups is critical to any business relationship. Start this bond with a little consistency!

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