Send Files To Your Dropbox Account Without Signing-in With Dbinbox

Send Files To Your Dropbox Account Without Signing-in With Dbinbox

Dropbox has become the most popular cloud storage service, thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. Like any other file storage or cloud storage service, a user needs to sign-in to their account and then start uploading the file. While this works great for many, you might think twice about logging in to Dropbox’s web interface from a public computer. One shouldn’t trust any public computer these days because that computer might have some malicious program installed that can steal your login details. So how can you upload or send files to your Dropbox account without logging-in?

Dbinbox protects you when Dropbox-ing on public computers

Enter Dbinbox, an online app that connects with Dropbox and allows ANY user to upload files to your Dropbox account. Once you connect the app to your account, it will assign you a URL which you’ll need to visit to upload files to your Dropbox account. However, please note that any user (even a non-Dropbox user) with the link will be able to upload/send files to your account and that’s why you should keep this link private or send it to only those whom you trust.

How to get started with Dbinbox

To get started, visit Dbinbox, enter your chosen username, and click on “link with your Dropbox” button. Next, authenticate Dbinbox to use your Dropbox account. Once you’re done, you’ll get a message that says that you’re registered, and below that there should be your personal Dbinbox URL. Non-Dropbox users can also visit this URL. Click on “Choose files” to send the file straight to your Dropbox – no login necessary. All the files that are uploaded using this method are saved into a special “inbox” folder in your Dropbox.

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There’s one additional security feature that you may like to use. From “Settings”, you can set an access code so that whenever someone uploads a file to your Dropbox, that person will need to enter this access code too. Without this access code, no one will be able to send you the file, regardless of the URL.


Choose a strong username when setting it up for the first time, and apply an access code. Go ahead, try it out and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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