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In this article, you can download the official iPhone X wallpaper, ahead of the smartphone’s launch.

As you may already know, the iPhone X will launch this Friday officially, on Nov. 3. Many people, especially those who pre-ordered the flagship smartphone on Oct. 27, are very hyped and are eagerly awaiting Nov. 3. Even if you didn’t pre-order the new flagship smartphone, and you aren’t expecting it to get shipped out to you, you can still download the iPhone X official wallpaper, before the iPhone X hits the shelves or comes to its excited users. Unfortunately, using the iPhone X official wallpaper isn’t quite the same as owning an actual iPhone X, but it’s still something special.

In this article, we included a link where you can download the iPhone X official wallpaper, which will, of course, appear as part of Apple’s flagship smartphone, when it officially launches tomorrow. The official wallpapers for the mentioned smartphone leaking ahead of the release date are not something new in the smartphone industry. In fact, it’s kind of a tradition, and it would be strange if it hadn’t already leaked out. The wallpapers that will flatter the upcoming iPhone X look lovely, and it would be a shame not to use them on your existing smartphone in case you didn’t pre-order the iPhone X or are not up for an upgrade yet. Besides, there’s no better way to improve the overall appearance of a phone than to change its wallpaper.

The wallpapers were taken directly from iOS firmware for the iPhone X. Once you download them, all you have to do is set them as wallpaper on an iPhone that you may have, and the image will fit. If you own an iPhone with a smaller screen, since the screen of the iPhone X is quite big, make sure to zoom in the image a bit before setting it as your default wallpaper.

You can download the official iPhone X wallpaper on this link, and once you have downloaded them, as mentioned, set them as the default wallpaper. If you are not fond of the look of the official wallpapers, you can check out our list of the best iPhone X wallpapers available for download and choose one that you would like to have on your iPhone. Whether you already pre-ordered your iPhone X or not, we are sure these would look great on your smartphone’s screen.

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