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The recent release of Michael Wolff’s explosive Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House has smashed sales expectations and skyrocketed to the top of all sorts of bestsellers lists. Download the Fire and Fury book in order to see what all the fuss is about surrounding this captivating tell-all.

Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House

There are a number of ways to get your hands on this hot title, but perhaps the most advisable way is to download the Fire and Fury book. With reports of lines out the door pouring in from bookstores around the country, it’s clear that readers are eager to get their hands on a copy of the exceedingly-critical expose.

Those who download the Fire and Fury book will find some pretty shocking allegations, with Newsweek reporting on excerpts from title suggesting that Steve Bannon thinks Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian diplomats was “treasonous,” and that the president and Melania Trump didn’t spend much time together in the years leading up to his presidency. Fire and Fury: inside The Trump White House is built off of over 200 interviews between author Wolff and presidential aides, and is filled with direct attacks on Trump – including the suggestion that the president “enjoys sleeping with his friends’ wives.”

It’s important to keep in mind when you download the Fire and Fury book that these interviews come the mouths of those surrounding the president rather than the president himself. While the sources may be reliable due to the sources’ proximity and intimacy with our Commander in Chief, the fact remains that attacks on the president are extremely popular — and are also apparently very monetizable. Take the allegations with a grain of salt, but the implications if the revelations are true are definitely significant. Download the Fire and Fury book and you’ll find information ranging from erratic actions and infidelity to potential treason.

A Controversial Presidency

Trump has focused his presidency on making America a more attractive place to do business. With a recent Republican tax bill including hefty tax cuts for corporations and business owners at large, his avenue to “make America great again” is structured around the idea that freeing up businesses gives them the freedom they need to innovate and that the growth of industry leads to the growth of jobs and a higher standard of living overall. Those who have made the choice to download the Fire and Fury book, however, have access to some exclusive insight on the president and his administration – information that Trump has tried to quash.

While there may be merits to Trump’s philosophy, there are many people who are worried about how the plan will be implemented in practice. While growing business and increasing profit is a priority for Trump and the Republican party, there’s always a risk that the effort to create jobs and increase wealth may step on the toes of options that help those with low access to resources.

Trump is clearly dedicated to implementing his ideas, but there’s no denying that he’s ruffled a lot of feathers along the way. As the first president to have taken to Twitter as his main method of official communication with the public, twitter users have experienced an unprecedented amount of open and unfiltered opinions from our Commander in Chief. While this open line of communication with the leader of our country has a lot of potential, Donald Trump often comes across as brash and, in some cases, blatantly offensive to a large portion of his constituents. Although Trump remains popular with a non-insignificant portion of the country, polls suggest that many Americans are unhappy with the way the presidency has been run thus far. These same unhappy Americans have taken to the internet en masse to download the Fire and Fury book in search of confirmation of their negative opinions.

To many Americans, Trump represents a person that they can connect to. While he’s much richer than the average American, he’s also not afraid to speak his mind and is determined to implement his ideas to make the country a better place. The problem that many citizens are finding, however, is that his idea of a great America may not line up with the plight of the average joe. Trump has campaigned on making the country better for the little guy, but many criticize recent actions as prioritizing profits over people. With that said, Trump has followed through on efforts to advance conservative priorities such as decreasing regulation and giving businesses free reign.

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Although there are many who are unhappy with Trump’s policies and actions thus far, those who download the Fire and Fury book will find that the book does focus a decent amount on Trump’s character. In truth, there hasn’t been a huge amount of policy released with the president’s blessing due to opposition from the courts, but many citizens are worried about Trump’s qualifications, and even ability, to hold the office.

If you make the decision to download the Fire and Fury book, chances are that you already have an idea of what to expect. While there are no-doubt some new revelations from new sources within the text, the book largely paints Trump as an unstable man who has found himself in over his head. Trump has recently taken to twitter insisting that he’s very stable and capable, but with an impending investigation that has led to the arrest of associated government officials, aides allege that he’s unhappy and behaving erratically.

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Those who are interested in a way to download the Fire and Fury book may find it at any number of online retailers, as well as in traditional brick and mortar stores – although stock may be an issue due to the amazingly high sales of the title. With that said, two twitter users have provided links to a PDF version – both of which are included below.

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