Download iOS 11 Public Beta 2 And Install It On Your iPhone Now

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Beta testers who want to download iOS 11 Public Beta 2 can now do so, as Apple has made it available to users of its Beta Software Program. The second public beta is apparently very similar to the third developer beta for iOS 11. Apple is moving right along, as the first public beta was released a little more than two weeks ago

Where to download iOS 11 Public Beta 2

As with all beta versions of every software, it’s important to keep in mind that iOS 11 Public Beta 2 is still unstable, and thus, Apple advises beta testers to only install it on devices they have reserved for testing purposes and not on their main devices. Those who sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program agree to try out the company’s software and report the problems they find.

On devices that have already been registered for the program, you can download iOS 11 Public Beta 2 just like you would upgrade iOS 11 on your regular device via the Settings app under Software Update. If you haven’t yet signed up for the Apple Beta Software Program and you would like to sign up so you can download iOS 11 Public Beta 2, you’ll have to go to Apple’s website for beta testers to get started. Not only does this let you try the public betas of iOS 11 but also of macOS and tvOS.

What to expect when you download iOS 11 Public Beta 2

Among other bugs, the second public beta of iOS 11 should fix some of the Bluetooth problems some device users were experiencing. This beta targets the Bluetooth connections with the Wireless iAP protocol. Apple also returned the feature allowing users to swipe up in the App Switcher or Control Center (on the iPad) if they want to close an app.

Apple has many more changes planned for iOS 11. The developer beta that was released this week offers a preview of what future public beta versions will offer, including some new TV providers and new locations for the Files app that’s being added in iOS 11. The company is also making some more changes to the App Switcher for the iPad.

Aside from the addition of ARKit and everything it will make possible in iOS 11, the Files app is one of the biggest and most-anticipated changes Apple is making, so every beta version is expected to take another step toward full implementation of it. The company is also improving multitasking on the iPad through changes like a new App Switcher, dock and Drag and Drop support. Other future changes include a new App Store, improvements to file sizes for videos and photos, and iCloud syncing for iMessages.

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