Download Angry Birds Space For Android, iOS, PC and Mac

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Forget about the Richard Branson’s sapce ambitions. He’s already been beaten to the stars by the angry birds. Rovio, the creator of the original Angry Birds game have released a new version that sends the beloved characters into space. The game was released today on PC, iPad, iPhone, Google Android devices, and iMac. The game is likely to follow in the successful footsteps of its predecessor. The original was a pop culture touchstone incorporating a plethora of merchandising including plush toys and a real world version of the game. The previous version also managed to pull in revenue from its tie in with the animated movie Rio, which saw a special original release of the game.

Download Angry Birds Space For Android, iOS, PC and Mac

The new version brings in some interesting gaming mechanics which should bring an interesting experience. Because of the interstellar setting, the game brings in a new gravitational mechanic, reminiscent of Mario Galaxy, which allow the player to utilize the gravitational pull of planets to guide the Angry Birds around the worlds. The game incorporates sixty levels which should keep players swiping and tapping for hours. The company said that there would be free updates to the game in the future, keeping players at their tablets for even longer. The iPad version will support the new device’s Retina display which should make for a beautiful experience.

The game is available at the following links for the separate platforms, Android, iMac, iPhone, iPad, PC.

Rovio, the company responsible for the game, was founded in 2003. Its first major success came with the release of the first Angry Birds game. In March of last year the company accepted investment from three venture capitalists, Accel Partners, Atomico and Felicis Ventures. The company was one of several named defendants in a US suit for privacy infringement last week. That case centered around mobile apps uploading user’s address books to their servers. The company has been rumored to be planning its IPO for some time but has delayed the listing. The most recent rumor suggested that the company would list on the Hong Kong exchange in 2013. Previous information had pointed to an IPO this year. Whatever the decision the company continues the success of its most popular franchise and if it can keep it up with the new release its IPO will be a big event when it finally happens.

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