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Don’t Miss The Seventh Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference

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ValueWalk will hold its seventh Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference on Oct. 28 at 8:30 Eastern in partnership with the Contrarian Investor Podcast. Panelists include well-known short-seller Kurt Feachbach from The Bindle Paper, White Diamond Research, and more to be announced.

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Details On The Seventh Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference

The seventh Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference will last about two hours, and panelists will each present one fresh stock pick. The ideas must be contrarian in nature, and panelists will have up to 20 minutes to present their idea.

Audience members can ask questions using the webinar's interface and will receive access to the panelists' presentation materials, a video recording of the event and presenters' contact information. Click here to register for the seventh Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference or view presentations from the last event.

This event is eligible for the four-plus-one ticket subscription. Investors can buy tickets for the next four events and get a fifth one free. ValueWalk pays all taxes and fees associated with this ticket type, and it comes with additional benefits. The package includes a free subscription to ValueWalk Premium, a $199 value, and a free premium subscription to the Contrarian Investor Podcast, a $96 value.

Spotlight On White Diamond Research

White Diamond Research touts its track record as having an over 90% success rate. One of the firm's recent shorts was Flora Growth, which it describes as "a cannabis company of deception, unprofessionalism, and stock pump and dumps." White Diamond has a $2 price target on the company.

Flora Growth is a startup cannabis producer in Canada with 95% of its operations in Colombia. White Diamond sees Flora Growth as "a roll-up of low quality, cheap companies." The company acquired its key asset, Cosechemos, to grow cannabis in October 2019 for $80,000.

White Diamond noted that Flora Growth wouldn't be able to export cannabis to the U.S. or most other developed markets because politicians in those markets want the cannabis to be produced within their own borders. Additionally, there are interstate commerce laws that prohibit it.

Flora Growth claims to be able to produce cannabis at a price of 6 cents per gram, but it hasn't produced any yet to prove this claim. White Diamond sent an investigator to the company's cultivation facility in Colombia and found it in the middle of nowhere on rocky terrain up a mountain. The firm said it looks impossible for commercial production to take place there, and only all-terrain vehicles would be able to move the cannabis out of the rocky, muddy terrain.

White Diamond's investigator wasn't allowed to tour Flora Growth's facility, which the firm said could mean the business isn't real. The investigator also went to the addresses where the company's offices were listed in their filings but found that they didn't exist. Additionally, the company completed several promotional campaigns for its stock before the last lockup expiration in August, enabling insiders to dump more than 8 million shares.