Donald Yacktman on his Favorite Stocks: $JNJ $PG and $NWSA,

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Donald Yacktman on his Favorite Stocks: $JNJ $PG and $NWSA,

“Typically the kinds of stocks that we buy are large very profitable business. Those have been the best opportunities. We’re in a market where you’re not being paid to take on a lot of additional risk. As a result, these kinds of companies are in the sweet spot,”

It’s true that all 3 of these companies have had issues lately, but that doesn’t affect how Yacktman thinks about them. “Only in a very minor way,” he explains.

He goes on to say with many other companies, the outcome is impossible to predict, “but I can tell you you’re going to use Tide and Pampers,” referring to P&G brands.

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