Could Any Famous Fictional Presidents Top Trump?

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As we look back over Donald Trump’s presidency so far, it fair to say it’s been quite an eventful time in the White House. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s certainly different, and there’s no denying the impact he’s had on the global political landscape.

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We all know that being president is no easy task, with a seemingly endless list of challenges to overcome – a list which gets longer by the day. From passing bills and balancing budgets, to managing international relations and responding to foreign threats.

But, things could always be worse. Instead of worrying about policies and processes, the president could be trying to protect the earth from a deadly comet, or fighting off an alien invasion!

We all have our favorite fictional presidents, but who could top Trump?

In a quest to find the answer, Decluttr has assembled ten of the most popular presidents from the world of film and television – from the inspiring to the downright infuriating – and scored each one against a list of key qualities we all look for in our leaders.

So, who gets your vote?

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There’s The West Wing’s Josiah ‘Jed’ Bartlet, who famously negotiated a peace settlement between Israel and Palestine – amongst a long list of impressive achievements. Or how about the eminently popular David Palmer, who managed to survive attempts to both overthrow his presidency and assassinate him on 24?

Famous Fictional Presidents Top Trump

Thomas Whitmore successfully fought off an alien invasion in the 1996 classic Independence Day, while Deep Impact’s Tom Beck had to handle the risk of total extinction in the form of a deadly comet.

Famous Fictional Presidents Top Trump

Perhaps you’d vote for the ruthless and conniving Claire Underwood, who demonstrates her mastery of manipulation and blackmail in House of Cards. Veep’s Selina Meyer is always another option – although she does hold the title as one of the most disaster-prone presidents on television. Her team spend the majority of their time in damage control mode – something we’re sure the current White House staff can sympathise with at times.

Famous Fictional Presidents Top Trump

If you prefer your commander-in-chief to be a man of action, then how about Air Force One’s James Marshall? He famously refused to negotiate with terrorists, but had no trouble kicking them off his plane. James Dale, star of Mars Attacks, took a different approach, attempting to negotiate peace with a band of invading Martians. Needless to say, it didn’t go well.

Famous Fictional Presidents Top Trump

Idiocracy’s Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho certainly knew how to give a State of the Union address, but unfortunately his skills didn’t stretch much further than that. In his defence, however, he recognised when someone was more intelligent than him, and swiftly hired them to solve all of his problems.

Famous Fictional Presidents Top Trump

Finally, there’s Dave’s title character, Dave Kovic. Starting off as a presidential impersonator, he has to take on the real role when his doppelganger falls ill. He ends up using his newfound position for good, exposing political scandal and introducing a revolutionary new jobs initiative.

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